Cazaux base pilot Sophie Adenot joins the European Space Agency

Sophie Adenot becomes the second French woman to join the European Space Agency. The helicopter pilot had been flying for several years at the base of Cazaux in the Gironde.

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There are five of them, two women and three men to get a little closer to the room. The European Space Agency has just this Wednesday appointed five new astronauts for their missions. Among them, Sophia Adenohelicopter pilot at the Cazaux base. She is the second Frenchman, after Claudie Haigneré in 1996, to join ESA.

I exchange my Air and Space Weapons helicopter pilot uniform and that as a helicopter test pilot at the General Directorate for Armaments (Manager) for an astronaut suit, which I have dreamed of since I was young age”, the pilot responded on social networks, quoting another aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Make your life a dream, and your dream a reality”.

His appointment was welcomed by the Ministry ofEconomy and higher education.

Sophie Adenot embodies an example for the future of women in scientific and technical circles, where they are still underrepresented (less than every ten astronauts are women).

press release from the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Higher Education

It is therefore a dream life that begins, far from the air base Cazauxin Gironde, where she was a helicopter pilot in the air and space forces. She has flown more than 3,000 hours there. “My career as a French engineer and pilot will have enabled me to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to apply for and integrate the new class of ESA astronauts.”cheered the astronaut.

I will be the 11th French astronaut and 1st French aviator to hold these positions. It is an honor to represent French Wing’s excellence on an international level.

Sophie Adenot, pilot at Cazaux and astronaut at ESA

Last February, the European Space Agency had received more than 22,500 applications in their recruitment phase.
Sophia Adeno therefore joins the seven European astronauts currently in service from the class of 2009, including Thomas Pesquet. She is expected to begin training next spring. To reach the stars, you still need a little patience: the first mission in orbit is not planned until 2026.

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