Brexit: after 111 years, the ‘GB’ on British car plates is replaced by ‘UK’

After 111 years of existence, the identification “UK“on British car plates gives way to a”UK“Symbolizing in particular solidarity with Northern Ireland after Brexit, several newspapers across the Channel reported on Thursday. From September 28, British motorists traveling to the Continent will be required to display identification “UK” in the back of their vehicle. So far, … Read more

In the United Kingdom: going from serious to simplistic **1/2

The story: London, 1947. Heir to Bechuanaland, Seretse Khama (David Ayelowo) falls in love with an office worker, Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). The feeling is mutual, in a world where interracial couples are not accepted. They will still get married. Will settle in the British protectorate, neighboring South Africa where apartheid will be introduced soon … Read more

A United Kingdom – film review

Summary : London 1947: a young progressive secretary, Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) frequents, with her sister Muriel (Laura Carmichael), the trendy circles of the city. It is during one of these evenings that she will meet Serestse Khama (David Oyelowo), a young African from Bechuanaland, a British protectorate (which will later become Botswana). He continued … Read more

United Kingdom • Country sheet •

Official name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Proper noun United Kingdom Continent Europe Subcontinent Europe (outside the European Union) Population (winners: 22e) 67,081,234 inhabitants (2020) Population growth 0.88% / year Area 242,545 km² Density 276.57 inhabitants / km² GDP (winners: 5e) $3,186.860 billion (2021) GDP/capita (rankings) $47,334 (2021) GDP growth 7.40% / … Read more