a stage of the Falcon 9 rocket seen from the sky?

“I was quietly sitting on my sofa, when I looked out the window, attracted by an opaque, bluish light in the sky”, begins Jean-Baptiste Léopold, this resident of Crugey, amateur of astronomy and aerospace . The forty-year-old wants to see more: he gets up and stares at this strange luminous object “which had a north-west, … Read more

Satellite Manufacturing and Launch System Market 2022 Global Outlook and Business Scenario – Northrop Grumman, ArianeGroup, SpaceX – Maghrebcity

The Satellite Manufacturing and Launch System Market report is a valuable resource that provides current and upcoming technical and financial summary of the industry till 2028. This market document provides top to bottom examination of the market with regard to income and the development of the business sector. . An in-depth analysis of historical and … Read more

SpaceX on Mars: mission impossible?

Elon Musk has always ensured that the ultimate goal of SpaceX is the colonization of the red planet. But is his desire to deposit humans on Mars before the end of the decade credible? Across the Rhine, two engineers have done the accounts… “2029.” Although he has slightly lowered his ambitions – the original date … Read more

SpaceX launches dwarf tomatoes and other experiments to ISS; know how to look

A series of science experiments, in addition to new solar panels for the International Space Station (ISS), will launch to the orbital laboratory later this Tuesday afternoon (22), aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule. A Falcon 9 rocket ready for launch from the LC39-A platform at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Picture: SpaceX According … Read more

Berlin ready to support European launcher project, rival of SpaceX

There are several hundred young shoots around the world dreaming of one day competing with the performance of the reusable launcher from Space Exploration Technologies and Elon Musk. Among them, many are established in Europe, where they are developing technologies and know-how from which ArianeGroup could benefit. This is in any case the opinion that … Read more

With the Susie space launcher, Europe is preparing its response to SpaceX

the essential ArianeGroup has just offered the European Space Agency (ESA) a reusable module compatible with the Ariane 6 rocket, allowing manned flights and freight transport to the International Space Station (ISS). This project will be presented tomorrow, Tuesday 22 November, to the ESA Ministerial Council. Sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and … Read more