11 Interesting Questions About Microsoft

Think you know everything about Microsoft? Check out these interesting known and lesser known facts about Microsoft. Microsoft Trivia and Fun Facts 1. The word Microsoft was first used by Bill Gates in a letter to co-founder Paul Allen in 1975. But Bill originally wrote it as Micro-Soft. However, Microsoft (unhyphenated) was incorporated in November … Read more

The Microsoft Rewards app is live again on Xbox

If like many players on Xbox, you are chasing Rewards points to finance your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or reduce the bill when buying a controller for example, you will have noticed that in recent days the console application has been derailed at full speed. Successes not recognized and not rewarded with 50 daily … Read more

the enterprise social network developed by Microsoft

Explore Yammer Yammer is the corporate social network integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite, which facilitates the transmission of information within the company and thus optimizes internal communication. Yammer works similarly to the Facebook social network: news feed, posts, comments, reactions to posts with emojis, and interest groups. With Yammer, you can: Publish posts to … Read more

Microsoft launches desktops on Azure designed for developers

Unveiled by Microsoft last spring at its Build 2022 conference, the Dev Box solution is now publicly available in preview mode. It is a cloud-based workstation aimed specifically at enterprise application developers. With the promise of saving programmers from wasting time setting up their development environment. In the Dev Box public availability announcement, Microsoft describes … Read more

Microsoft starts showing ads in Office 2021

Microsoft is starting to show ads for Microsoft 365 Family subscriptions to customers with Office 2021, offering them discounts for a three-month subscription. Multiple users reported having seen these advertisements in the past few days. As can be seen in the screenshot above, Microsoft has labeled this ad as a ” Limited offer “allowing customers … Read more