Candy Crush is 10 years old, 3 crazy figures on the game that makes Microsoft dream

Created ten years ago, the mobile game candy Crush is a real phenomenon. With a success that makes the competition green with envy, it is also the subject of many critics. Some consider it to be repetitive and addictive by activating reward zones in the brain that make you quickly become addicted.

It prevents, candy Crush has just offered a giant advertisement in the sky of New York, where several hundred drones have risen to offer a light show to the inhabitants of the Big Apple. This anniversary is an opportunity for us to give you 3 major figures that show the impact of gaming on the video game industry.

3 billion downloads for Candy Crush

This is impressive information to say the least. Since its launch ten years ago, candy Crush has been downloaded over 3 billion times. Moreover, it still attracts nearly 240 million players per month.

Its publisher, King, attached to the Activision-Blizzard group, also generates substantial sums via its mobile games with a quarterly profit of 297 million dollars. That’s more than Activision’s $166 million, and Blizzard’s $153 million.

70 billion dollars: the price of takeover of Activision-King by Microsoft

Since the announcement of the takeover of Activision by Microsoft for 70 billion dollars, attention has been focused on the Call of Duty franchise. The tech giant’s rivals fear that it will use this popular saga for the benefit of its Xbox Game Pass service.

But with this operation, Microsoft is also eyeing mobile gaming and Candy Crush, as confirmed by Xbox boss Phil Spencer in an interview with The Verge. In particular, he explained: “And in addition (to) Candy Crush at King, the group also includes Call of Duty Mobile, and Diablo mobile, which are great franchises (…) If you look at all of what Activision Blizzard King does, where does their customers, where they make money…it’s the same reason Take-Two bought Zynga and why we needed to grow our mobile capability. »

136 billion turnover in 2022: the juicy business of mobile games

candy Crush is one of the big names in the mobile games industry. Often underestimated and despised, this market is nevertheless the main source of revenue for the video game industry.

Thus, according to a report by the company, gaming will generate 222 billion dollars in 2022. Of this total, mobile games account for 136 billion in turnover, well ahead of the 42 billion from game consoles, and the 40 billion on PC.

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