Can you cancel your home insurance if you find it cheaper elsewhere? The 8 p.m. answers you

The TF1 newscast sifts through viewers’ questions every evening in its section “Le 20H responds to you”. Marine Brossard answers their questions on Gilles Bouleau’s set. On the program this Tuesday evening, your home and in particular your home insurance.

Can I cancel my home insurance during the contract if I find it cheaper elsewhere?

Not the first year: you are engaged and therefore cannot end it. But after this period, you can terminate at any time without having to justify yourself, as explained by the Ministry of the Interior on its dedicated site.

You then simply have to send your cancellation letter by registered mail. This takes effect one month after receipt of your request by the insurer. This is also valid for all insurance contracts, car, motorcycle or household appliances, and this since the vote of the Hamon law.


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