Buying a PS5: Situation at Amazon on 19.12. – No more stock replenishment before Christmas?

The situation around Sony’s PS5 at Amazon looks good. Here is fresh replenishment every week and for several hours. What is the current situation?

Hamburg – Since the release of Sony’s PS5, Amazon has been among the biggest retailers and regularly offers fresh consoles. Currently, the drops are accumulating and the console is sometimes available for several days. So there’s a good chance you’ll finally find the console here. But what about the supply right now? We give you an overview of the situation for the PS5 at Amazon.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Friendly Fixed gaming console
Generation 09th console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Exit 19 November 2020

Buying a PS5: Amazon with big waves of rebuilding – what’s the situation?

Is the PS5 for sale on Amazon? Currently, the consoles are sold out on Amazon. However, there are new consoles to order every week, which usually remain available for several days. Lately there was mostly the God of War bundle. Here you will find links to follow availability:

  • Buy the PS5 Digital Edition in the God of War Bundle on Amazon*.
  • Buy the PS5 Disc Edition in the God of War Bundle on Amazon*

Here’s what the new supplies are: There is a good chance of another drop before Christmas. In addition, you must especially keep an eye on the Wednesday before Christmas. It’s classic drop day at Amazon, and other consoles may come into stock. But at the moment, Amazon also likes to offer drops on days other than Wednesday. It is therefore worth keeping an eye on the trader.

Here you will find the button

Buying a PS5: Tips and tricks for buying a console on Amazon

What you need to know At Amazon, it is worth taking a look at the German, but also the European market. Here we have summarized how you buy the consoles abroad and what you need to be aware of in Germany:

  • Buying a PS5 from Amazon: Top tips and tricks for drops in Germany and abroad

In order not to miss any drops around the console, we recommend that you consult our live ticker when purchasing PS5. We inform you there about all sales and reduction actions around the console.

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