Buy a PS5: “God of War Bundle” at Amazon – This week again?

Mail-order giant Amazon also released the PS5 bundle for God of War Ragnarök last week. Will there be a restock this week?

Update of 07/11/2022 at 08:28: Last Friday, Amazon surprised everyone by putting the “God of War” bundle on sale. But just because there was already a drop in November doesn’t mean the mail-order giant has to be written off for that still fairly recent month.

It would be entirely possible for the distributor to return to the charge this week with the “God of War” bundle – if not in Germany or Great Britain, then perhaps in France, Spain or Italy. . Indeed, the new bundle has not yet been proposed. Indeed, God of War Ragnarok comes out on Wednesday and therefore on Amazon’s classic drop day.

In short, keep an eye out at Amazon this week! And if you don’t want to miss a drop and always be up to date with PlayStation 5 news, check our PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

Update of 04.11.2022, 10:47 a.m.: In the meantime, the bundle was sold out at Amazon. It has now reappeared under “All Offers”. Don’t delay buying it!

Buy a PS5: Surprise drop – “God of War” bundle at Amazon!

Update of 11/04/2022, 10:25 a.m.: There’s plenty on Amazon. God of War and Horizon bundles are sold there. Here are the links:

  • Buy the God of War Bundle PS5 Disc Edition on Amazon*.
  • Buy PS5 Disc Edition in the Horizon Bundle on Amazon*.

Update of 04/11/2022, 09:16: The “God of War” bundle is now also available on Amazon UK and Amazon FR.

Buying a PS5: Beware at Amazon

Update of 04/11/2022, 08:37: PS5 hunters, stay alert today! Reports from the US also indicate that the new bundle can already be pre-ordered (there since yesterday). In Switzerland, it is possible since this morning at In addition, the “God of War Ragnarok” bundle is also available on Amazon DE since this night*. It is therefore quite possible that pre-orders will start today in Switzerland as well.

Update from 03.11.2022, 08:16: Wednesday is normally considered Amazon’s day, but this week Wednesday went silent at the mail-order giant. There were no PS5 drops – neither in Germany nor in other European countries. We therefore assume that Amazon will only be relevant again next week. On the other hand, next week promises to be even more exciting.

Indeed, on November 9, the eagerly awaited God of War Raganrök will be available, including a new official bundle from Sony. But unlike “Modern Warfare 2”, this one will not be sold exclusively via PS Direct. Big names in supply like Amazon shouldn’t let this highlight pass. A sale of the new GoW bundle when it is released on November 9 would therefore be quite possible. It remains to be seen whether this will actually happen or whether the bundle will only be offered later. But a close look next Wednesday couldn’t hurt.

Original announcement of 02.11.2022: Hamburg, Germany – We’re at the start of a new month and that means just about every major PS5 vendor is getting excited again – Amazon is no exception. The mail order giant is one of the largest and most important PS5 suppliers with us in Germany and the chances of a drop of Sony’s coveted console are not so bad at the moment. We take a look at the current situation.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Kind Fixed game console
Generation 9th console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Exit November 19, 2020

Buying a PS5: Is Amazon starting November with a drop?

When was the last time you could buy the PS5 on Amazon? Last week, October 27th, Amazon FR organized a big “drop” with two different bundles. In the space of almost two hours, many PS5 hunters were able to secure themselves a copy of the coveted console.

Here’s what’s happening with the PS5 restocking at Amazon: Although there are currently no concrete indications of an imminent drop, the mail order giant is generally still going strong week after week. Wednesday is considered Amazon Day. And even if, after last week’s big drop at Amazon Germany, things should remain a little calmer, something could still happen today at Amazon FR, UK, ES and IT. The good news is that as a rule you can also order the PS5 there without any problems and have it delivered to Germany.

In short: pay attention today at Amazon to the traditional time of 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Maybe something is going on.

The most relevant PS5 links on Amazon: If Amazon sells the PS5 again today or in the near future, you’ll quickly find the relevant offer with these links:

If Amazon drops overseas or has new PS5 deals on Amazon FR, you’ll find the corresponding links as an update at the top of the article.

If you don’t want to miss a single drop and want to be up to date with PlayStation 5 news, check our PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

Buying a PS5 on Amazon – Tips and tricks for purchases in Switzerland and abroad

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