Britain, the beginning of border control

An end to the privilege granted for many years to Europeans to travel freely to the territory of the United Kingdom.

Parisians who have previously been able to cross the Channel daily in just 2h17 will now have to make a paid request for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) 72 hours in advance. This measure will apply to all travelers not affected by a visa application.

The goal is to enable a fluidization of movements at the borders. The UK is following the example of the US with ESTA or even Europe with ETIAS confirmed for 2023.

To obtain this document, the traveler must complete an application, submit supporting documents and use the sum of 18 pounds sterling, or about 21 euros.

Among the documents to be presented will be biometric information such as fingerprints and a photograph, followed by biographical data relating to the applicant’s personal information. The validation of the request will take place within the following 72 hours and will allow multiple entries into the territory of a period of 180 days.

An experiment will be carried out in March 2023 on part of the population, before being extended to all nationalities at the end of the same year.

The travelers affected by this test phase come from Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. Irish citizens will be exempt from any request to travel to the country.

Even if this authorization is not presented as a visa, this document will have the power to entitle a person to board a flight to the United Kingdom.

As travel professionals, and although French travelers do not yet need this document, it is important to keep the conditions of the latter in mind to be ready when it will be imposed on other nationalities. .

The communication about this new ETA is not new, as we already told you about it here last December.


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