Bouygues mobile insurance: how does it work?

Having become little jewels of technology, smartphones have become over the years an essential tool in our daily lives, in the context of our work or our leisure activities. Some do not hesitate to spend several hundred euros to afford one. Only, a problem has arrived so quickly. Indeed, mobiles arouse covetousness and have become a prime target for thieves. As for the risks of damage, there are many. So don’t take any risks and decide to take out mobile insurance for protect you from unnecessary expense in the event of theft or breakage. Mobile phone operator, Bouygues Telecom also offers a whole range of smartphones. Logical, therefore, that it also offers to insure your smartphone. Here’s how it worksBouygues Telecom mobile insurance.

Who can insure their mobile with Bouygues?

Of course. But, it should still be remembered: to take out mobile insurance, you must indeed be subscribed to a Bouygues Telecom mobile plan. This is the first condition. But it is not the only one. To subscribe to the mobile insurance offered by the operator, you must also having purchased the device to be insured (phone or tablet) with Bouygues Telecom distributors.

How to subscribe to Bouygues Telecom mobile insurance?

To take out a mobile insurance contract with Bouygues Telecom, the operator’s mobile customers have two options:

  • Within five calendar days from the date of purchase of the device from a Bouygues Telecom distributor ;
  • When purchasing the device on the Bouygues Telecom website.

Membership takes effect on the day the member signs the membership form or the member receives the Membership Certificate, subject to payment of the membership fee.

Subscription to Bouygues Telecom insurance is subject to a one year commitment period. It is then automatically renewed every year, by tacit agreement.

How much does Bouygues mobile insurance cost?

Like other mobile phone operators, Bouygues Telecom does not offer one plan to insure your phone, but four. The price of membership depends on the range of the product insured at the time of membership. And, each range is determined according to the brand, model and price of the smartphone or tablet. Of course, the more valuable it is, the higher the amount of the contribution will be. In addition, you are obliged to subscribe to the plan that corresponds to the range of your device.

At Bouygues Telecom, there are four ranges in total and the prices range from €3.99/month to €14.99/month. On the other hand, whatever the Class of your telephone, you benefit from the same guarantees.

In addition, Bouygues Telecom offers Mobile Devices insurance, which allows you to insure all of your connected devices, whether or not you purchased them through the operator. This formula is at the monthly rate of 16.99 euros and includes the same guarantees with the same conditions as mobile insurance.

The price of Bouygues mobile insurance
Phone range Monthly rate including tax in euros
1 3.99
2 6.99
3 9.99
4 14.99
Mobile devices 16.99

Bouygues mobile insurance: what are the guarantees?

From one operator to another, the guarantees offered by mobile insurance are substantially the same, namely: theft, fraudulent use, breakage and oxidation:

  • In case of breakage or oxidation (accident, clumsiness, negligence), the smartphone or tablet is either repaired or replaced by another identical device (same brand, same model, same OS, same capacity) or iso-functional, reconditioned or new.
  • In case of theft (on the sly, pickpocketing, assault, breaking and entering, smuggling), your smartphone or tablet is replaced, under the same conditions. As to fraudulent communications and connections made within 48 hours of the flight, they will be refunded to you. In the same way as the new SIM card, up to a maximum of €25.

In addition, accessories are guaranteed up to €80 per claim. Finally, Bouygues Telecom’s mobile insurance does not apply no deductible and supports up to two claims per year.

What is not covered by Bouygues mobile insurance

Like almost all mobile insurance, that of Bouygues Telecom contains certain disclaimer of warranties. First of all, there are the exclusions common to all warranties, such as the intentional or fraudulent fault of the insured. Then there are the exclusions specific to the damage or oxidation guarantee, such as damage resulting from lack of care, the breakdown or scratches or scratches. There is also a specific exclusion to the theft guarantee: stealing when the insured product is placed more than two meters from the insured. Finally, the loss of your smartphone is also not covered by Bouygues mobile insurance.

Before subscribing, therefore, take the time to read the insurance information leaflet carefully on which appears all the exclusions of guarantee.

How to report a claim with Bouygues telephone insurance?

To report a claim to Bouygues mobile insurance, the operator advises you to contact its service provider directly, namely SPB. The ways to contact SPB are:

by Internet at the address: by going to the insured area (the identifiers appear on the membership form). This is the preferred option.

by telephone at

by mail at the address SPB – Assurance Mobile – Bouygues Telecom CS 900000 76095 Le Havre CedexYou can report a claim to Bouygues mobile insurance online

Now, what to do in the event of a disaster?

  • In the event of theft, you must immediately contact Bouygues Telecom to have your SIM card blocked. You must then file a complaint with a police station or gendarmerie as soon as possible. Finally, you must send SPB a copy of the complaint filed.
  • In the event of damage or oxidation, Bouygues Telecom asks the member to refrain from carrying out any repairs himself or to commission an after-sales service of his choice to repair them. It also asks to comply with the instructions of SPB, to which it will be necessary to send the telephone which suffered the disaster.
  • In the event of fraudulent use of the SIM card, you must send SPB the detailed invoice certifying the amount of the fraudulent communications or connections.

In all cases, finally, you must send SPB the invoice for the purchase of the insured device.

Bouygues Telecom mobile insurance: how to cancel?

If you wish to terminate your Bouygues Telecom mobile insurance contract, you have several options. You can first of all do it without having to justify a reason, in a 14 days after the date of joining. This is called the waiver period. But this delay works on one condition: that you do not declare a claim during this period.

Beyond this date, You will then have to wait for the end of your one-year commitment period to terminate freely. You can then do so very easily by Internet, by telephone or by post, using the same contact details as for declaring a claim (see above).

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