Blue Protocol will also be released on PS5 and Xbox Series, Bandai Namco’s MMO comes to us thanks to Amazon

bandai namco announced it recently Blue protocol would be released in Japan sometime in the spring of the coming year, but nothing had been made official regarding the West. If we had any doubts that the MMO will reach us, now we understand why the announcement was delayed: Bandai Namco has decided to partner with Amazon Game Studios for the western launch of Blue protocol. Accustomed to Asian MMOs brought to other continents, Amazon will therefore put its efforts in favor of the release of the game in Europe in 2023, with console versions in passing, as we learn at the Game Awards.

The game will be free to play

This trailer shows us some more gameplay footage to make our mouths water while warning us that the game will soon arrive in our territory. The good news is that with a partner like Amazon, Bandai Namco can secure a big launch for its MMO. The game is well translated into French with uswhich suits us well.

We learn that along the way Blue protocol will also be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. We were able to attend a quick presentation of the game before the ceremony, where we were told that the gameplay was designed for the controller, which should make the experience easier on consoles. We also got confirmation that the game will of course have a multiplayer dimension with raids, but that you will be able to complete the main story solo without needing anyone.

Other important news: Blue protocol will be a free game. The items that will be present in the store will be cosmetic only, according to Amazon’s statement, so as not to create an imbalance in the experience.

We’re now waiting for a more precise release date, with a beta set to start in a few months.

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