Ballroom dancing in Roquefort-des-Corbières: in the footsteps of Roger and Michèle Dolléans

Led by the Dolléans couple, two true luminaries in the world of sports dance, the club has a remarkable track record.

Roger and Michèle Dolléans, a couple of renowned dancers, opened the Pays des Corbières sports and ballroom dance club just over 20 years ago. A sporting discipline that is currently booming in France. The couple is also part of the office of the Federation of Dance Sports of France, whose headquarters are in Roquefort-des-Corbières, rue Chantevent. Roger is the president. This federation administers nearly 450 clubs and 30,000 licensees, including competitive couples who regularly participate in national or international competitions. Roger and Michèle have just arranged a trip to the Naples International Open, where married couple Loïc Ferlicot and Carla Malheiro represented France.

In larger competitions, Roger and Michèle accompany them to support them, but also to participate as judge/judge. They started as dancers, then teachers. They were French sports dance champions and were the first couple to be recognized as international competition organizers. The Federation will soon be represented in London at the British Championships by the champions from France Pro, Jason and Regina Cicard.

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