Bad news if you use Microsoft Authenticator on an Apple Watch

The Microsoft Authenticator app will soon no longer be compatible with Apple Watches. The tech giant advises its users to uninstall the app before January 2023.

The 9To5Mac website found this information during an FAQ about the application on Microsoft’s support website. With its next major update next month, the app will no longer be compatible with watchOS. It will therefore simply no longer work on watches connected to the Apple Watch.

A new application that disappears

Over the years, major apps have disappeared from watchOS, the operating system Apple uses for its Apple Watch smartwatches. Slack, eBay or Pok√©mon Go have been removed from the OS again. This time it’s Microsoft Authenticator’s turn to bow from the Apple giant’s watches, four years after its release on watchOS. Microsoft’s secure ID and password service will no longer work from January 2023 and the rollout of its update on iOS.

Microsoft Authenticator can still be used on iOS smartphones. ©Microsoft

According to Microsoft, watchOS will be just that “more compatible with Authenticator’s security features”. The information comes in the middle of a rather discreet FAQ on Microsoft’s website. The brand advises users of the app on watchOS to uninstall it now to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The app still works on iOS

Microsoft just clarified things in its FAQ announcement: the changes coming soon will only affect the Apple Watch. It will still be possible to use Microsoft Authenticator on your iPhone with at least iOS 14 installed.

Authenticator is a tool that makes connecting to your Microsoft account easier and more secure when two-factor authentication is enabled. The app can also generate one-time codes when requested by an application or website or to store its passwords.

Many other secure authentication programs are available to compensate for the future disappearance of Microsoft Authenticator. For example, we can mention the Authenticator App from 2Stable, a freemium app that is considered safe, effective and works with the Apple Watch. Authy is also a recommended application for those who want to use these tools via their connected watch.

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