Automotive / Insurance. The theft-fire guarantee: do you have to subscribe to it?

Most often, when you buy a vehicle, you think either of the economy by choosing the legal minimum (one-third), or of safety by taking out all-risk insurance in which the theft and fire guarantees are included.

If you have chosen third-party cover, you can add options, including theft and fire, often linked in the same guarantee.

Finally, there is a third way, the extended third or maxi third, cheaper than the “all risks”, but which includes theft and fire. Check with your insurer.

What is the fire theft guarantee?

This allows you to be compensated up to the value of the car on the day of the theft or fire or up to an amount fixed by the contract. Are covered: theft of the car if the vehicle is not found within 30 days, damage caused to the vehicle if the vehicle is found within 30 days, vandalism (depending on the contracts), lightning, explosion and spontaneous combustion.

You cannot be covered if the car has not been locked, if you have forgotten keys in the car or on the door, if your car burned down due to an at-fault accident while you were in good health. Drunkenness, if the claim is due to poor maintenance of the vehicle, flammable products in the trunk of the car or a badly extinguished cigarette.

Vandalism may be covered under the fire warranty. You need to check with your insurer that this coverage exists. Photo Ornikar

The steps to follow in the event of theft

You have 48 hours to file a complaint and notify your insurer following the discovery of the theft. If your vehicle is found, you are notified and have 15 days to regain possession of your car and have it repaired, if necessary.

Otherwise, you will receive a compensation offer within 30 days. Please note that valuables in the vehicle are not covered by the theft guarantee unless they have been previously declared to the insurer.

As with all claims, an expert will note the damage suffered by the vehicle and will make a proposal for compensation. You will have to wait for the conclusions of your insurer before having a firm and definitive answer.

If you have a “new value” guarantee, the insurer will be required to reimburse your vehicle at the price at which you bought it.

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