Attention ! Microsoft will soon abandon this operating system

Be careful not to find yourself stuck with a permanently obsolete system: Microsoft is issuing reminders to its users to Windows 8.1 telling them that their software will no longer be supported by the brand from next January.

Windows 8.1 was launched on the market in October 2013 and stood out as one of the most hated versions of Windows by users. Offered free of charge, the version is intended to be heavy and not very ergonomic, it was already supposed to catch up with the errors of Windows 8 but ultimately did not succeed in its bet. Finally, many users are stayed on windows 7 much more popular, before switching directly to Windows 10 in summer 2015.

Windows 8.1 still installed on 3% of machines

It remains that we still count a little less than 3% CP under Windows 8.1. Currently, the majority of Windows users have Windows 10 (about 72%, compared to 15% for Windows 11).

Unfortunately for these users, as of January 10, 2023, Microsoft will cut all support for Windows 8.1. That implies that no more security updates will not be released, the extended support having been activated since 2018 comes to an end on the date mentioned above.

It will therefore potentially become dangerous to continue using Windows 8.1 which could be the object of exploitation of vulnerabilities that are no longer corrected.

Microsoft broadcasts messages to warn its users of the situation, while inviting them to switch to a more recent OS, and in particular Windows 11… Nevertheless, it’s a safe bet that the stations under Windows 8.1 do not meet the prerequisites hardware when switching to Windows 11.

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