Asia, a “New frontier” for data centers according to the CEO of Microsoft

At the microphone of a journalist from the American television channel CNBCthe leader of the American multinational, a native of Hyderabad (India), wanted to share his optimism on Microsoft’s growth prospects in Asia.

He believes that the continent is an ideal market for set up data centers thereparticularly in China and in India. The leader of Microsoft also relativizes the effects of the global economic recession on the labor market by explaining that the demand for tech-related skills remains constant in most industries.

Satya Nadella’s statements resonate particularly in a context of fragility and uncertainty that is shaking up the tech industry. Several concomitant economic factors are responsible for this, such as the war in Ukraine and inflation.

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Thus, several technology companies are forced to lay off some of their employees. On November 9, Meta announced its separation from 11,000 employees, a record for Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Microsoft is also affected: 1% of employees have recently been revoked.

But the CEO is thinking big. This desire to expand in Asia is motivated by the growth of the Chinese and Indian markets as well as the increasing use of new technologies by local actors. The general manager of Microsoft thus declares that “ these companies that are innovating in India, whether they are large conglomerates or new startups, are all using cloud technology to be able to innovate and create services that are obviously popular in India and elsewhere. »

A significant step was therefore taken this Friday, November 17 by Microsoft to try to implement its strategy. The American company inaugurated its first Data Center Academy Asian, Singapore.

This center will provide practical and theoretical training in 300 students moving towards the data center sector. In the press release dedicated to the opening of the Data Center Academy, it is mentioned that Microsoft aims to create ” 86,000 new jobs in Singapore by 2026, including more than 50,000 skilled IT jobs. »

Satya Nadella does not forget the American market, for which he declares himself confident, given the ever-increasing level of investments deployed for the construction of new industrial infrastructures. We would almost forget the great absence of this exchange: Europe.

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