Apple could get into health insurance, and that’s bound to be worrying

According to a forecasting firm, Apple could offer health insurance in 2024. This would be based on data collected by the sensors of the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Apple has the capacity to know a lot about the health of the wearers of its Apple Watch. With its sensorssensorsthe watch records many body data, such as temperature, blood oxygenation rate, arterial pressurearterial pressure. The accessory can even perform basic electrocardiograms. These data are processed and compiled with those that the user has entered in theapplicationapplication dedicated iPhone. Data that can indicate the level of fitness, even health of the wearer of the Apple Watch.

This is why, according to an analyst from the foresight firm CCS InsightInsight, Apple may well enter the US health insurance market. He would partner for this with a large insurance company. With the data collected, Apple would have a considerable advantage in this universeuniverse extremely competitive in the United States.

Insurance… not reassuring

In exchange for the data collected, the subscriber could then benefit from a price reduction. It is also an operation as lucrative as it is low risk for Apple, which can know in real time the condition physicalphysical wearers of his watches and even make predictions about the future of their health. If Apple could embark on such an adventure, it is because the firm seeks to develop its service activities according to the analyst.

This is already the case, for example, with the Apple Card, a virtual bank card offered in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. It would be a natural evolution for Apple, while these activities already generate around 20 billion dollars per quarter. For the moment, this represents a little less than a quarter of the activity.

Analysts predict that by 2030, a third of Apple’s revenue will come from the sale of software and services. So obviously, even if it concerns only the American market, this prediction on the marketing of health insurance by Apple is not really reassuring. It could even be counterproductive despite a price that could prove to be attractive.


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