Animals: up to 2000 euros of care reimbursed with insurance

Your pet, you love it, you take care of it and it is part of the family in its own right. These endearing little creatures can, however, get injured or become ill, despite our care and attention. And the bill at the vet is often high, even very high or unaffordable for some purses.

According to data from the website, prices have even increased a lot, with a 70% increase in recent years! And faced with this observation, another more worrying: only 10% of animals are insured today! Let’s take stock of what animal insurance provides you with in the event of illness or accident.

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These costs which are covered by your pet’s insurer

While veterinary costs have increased, having insurance can cover up to 100% of these amounts depending on the formula chosen. Valuable support since prevention is better than cure when it comes to insurance than having to pay for everything all at once!

On the other hand, the insurer can cover up to 2000 euros of care, which is not a small sum in the event of an accident or illness. This sum nevertheless concerns Premium insurance contracts, that is to say the most expensive contracts.

To choose a dog or cat insurance contract at the best price and with the best coverage, the best thing is to compare insurers online. This approach provides access in a few clicks, free of charge and without obligation, to various quotes adapted to the age, breed and need for your animal. The cheapest animal insurance contracts are available at less than 10 euros per month.

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