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Out of ease and habit, individuals and professionals tend to turn to the best-known office solutions. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are therefore very often the tools for word processing, meetings, emails, presentations, etc. used. However, GAFAMs pose many problems, particularly in terms of security and data sovereignty.

Alternatives exist. This is the case of Infomaniak’s kSuite, a Swiss solution that offers a complete collaborative suite, very well thought out, secure and managed entirely in Europe.

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A complete and all-in-one solution for collaborative work

The kSuite solution launched by Infomaniak brings together all the applications in one place for optimal collaboration and productivity in a professional setting.

kDrive: a secure storage service with an office suite

kDrive is kSuite’s storage solution, you can store and synchronize all your documents between your devices. The available space is huge: you can indeed store up to 106 TB of data. You obviously benefit from the Infomaniak sovereign cloud, all your data is secure and hosted in Switzerland. Your data is neither analyzed nor resold. The solution also includes an online office suite compatible with Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office) and Google.

docs : this alternative to Microsoft Word or Google Docs allows you to create any text document online, and collaborate in real time from all your devices. Docs is compatible with all Word documents, and all common formats: docx, doc, odt, ott, rtf, txt… Very well thought out, the tool allows you to add comments, discuss via chat, manage team reviews…


Grids: this alternative to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets allows you to collaborate on your various spreadsheets. Again, the solution is compatible with Excel or Sheets files, which you can therefore export. It is possible to co-edit all your spreadsheets from any device, and invite your contacts to modify or consult the different documents.


Dots: to offer a complete office suite, kSuite also includes an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. Again, you can create all your presentations simply, or export your PowerPoint documents and edit the content collaboratively.


kMail: a secure email service

kMail is a messaging system that allows you to synchronize and manage your emails, but also your contacts and your calendars from all your devices. The emphasis is on security: your mailboxes are backed up in 2 datacenters, and the data can be restored within 7 days. Very well thought out, the interface is particularly easy to use, and includes all the features of an email service like Gmail.


kMeet: the videoconferencing tool that respects privacy

The kSuite also includes an alternative to Teams, Zoom or Meet with kMeet. The solution allows you to easily plan and launch video sessions with internal collaborators, or with external guests. Very pleasant to use, it has nothing to envy the giants of the sector in terms of functionalities: personalization of the wallpaper, annotation of the shared screen, recording and sharing of meetings on the kDrive, planning of meetings, sound and high definition video, waiting room, integrated chat…

kChat: professional instant messaging


Infomaniak will soon launch kChat to enhance its collaborative suite with an instant messaging tool. On the same model as Slack, you can organize discussions in different channels in order to discuss your projects.

A customizable solution with its brand

kSuite offers a function of Custom Brand to personalize all your applications with the domain name of your choice. Access is no longer via a generic URL, but via a URL in Personalization also includes the entire graphic universe: adding your logo and choosing colors to use an office suite that respects your brand identity. This customization in your colors is a real asset for exchanges with your customers and partners.

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A sovereign and powerful alternative

kSuite is above all a robust solution focused on data security and the defense of privacy. Infomaniak belongs exclusively to its employees, the company is therefore completely independent, which allows it to offer a real guarantee of confidentiality to its customers. Which is obviously not the case with the web giants. Based in Switzerland, the company benefits from a legal framework that protects personal data, in compliance with the GDPR and without any extraterritorial interference.

Designed for professional use, the solution allows you to easily manage the different accesses, users, and rights from a dedicated dashboard. Onboarding is easy, employees automatically receive access to their calendars, shared documents and address books from day one. In the event of the departure of a collaborator, the administrator can keep, delete or assign the collaborator’s resources to another user.

Another advantage of this local anchorage: you benefit from quality support every day by email, and from Monday to Friday by telephone.

In use, the solution is very pleasant to use and covers all the current needs for teamwork: storage, email, meeting, calendars, messaging… We particularly appreciate the possibility of customizing everything, in order to have a completely in the colors of his company.

An affordable and tailor-made offer

kSuite offers a credible and effective alternative to web giants, while offering prices well below the competition. Three offers are dedicated to companies:

  • kStandard suite : includes 1 free user then € 1.90 per additional user and 15 GB of storage per user. You can therefore try the solution for free, with an unlimited duration.
  • kSuite Pro : €7.90 per user (-50% the first year) and 3 TB per user as well as 5 shared email addresses.
  • kSuite Enterprise : €14.90 per user (-50% the first year) and 6 TB per user, 10 shared email addresses and the option Custom Brand to personalize your spaces.

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