an app to facilitate the declaration of joint findings

E-constat is an application launched by the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (FMSAR), to facilitate the declaration of amicable reports of road accidents. However, it will only be available from the observers. Details.

From December 1, motorists will be able to report a material accident to insurance companies online! The Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (FMSAR) has announced that from this date, the E-constat application will be operational in all Moroccan cities. It should be recalled that the Federation had launched, last February, a test period for the said application, on the city of Casablanca as a pilot site. The launch of this new application should make it possible to dematerialize the paper accident report by generating an electronic report. The solution therefore makes it possible to use the same presentation as well as the same information present in the report in paper format.

In detail, this application, developed under the aegis of the FMSAR, is installed exclusively on the mobile telephones of the inspectors and it makes it possible to easily and quickly declare a material accident to the insurance companies. The Federation notes, moreover, that “drivers who do not use the service of a ticket inspector will continue to use the paper amicable report to relate the facts and circumstances of a traffic accident resulting in material damage”.

In addition, with regard to the reports drawn up digitally by the reporting agents, an E-report certificate containing the number of the report and the registration number of the vehicle is given to the insured to allow the downloading of the electronic report and to proceed with the notification of the claim to their insurance intermediaries (agents, brokers and direct management offices belonging to insurance companies).

As a reminder, the E-constat application project was unveiled for the first time on the occasion of the second edition of the Casablanca Insurance Meetings organized in 2015. During this flagship meeting of the he insurance ecosystem, the FMSAR and the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA) had signed a cooperation agreement for the deployment of the E-constat in Morocco.

Sanae Raqui / (with ECO Inspirations)

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