An amateur successfully recreates the flight and landing of a SpaceX rocket!

In the US, a self-taught hobbyist has just reproduced the launch and landing of a miniature Falcon 9 launch vehicle. A seven-year apprenticeship, starting from nothing, marked by numerous failures.

In 2015, Joe Barnard knew absolutely nothing about aviation or programming. This resident of Los Angeles, USA has nevertheless challenged himself to achieve one rocketrocket reusable miniature on the model of the Falcon 9 from SpaceX. It was through perseverance, fruitless trials and numerous failures that this self-taught man succeeded in landing his rocket called Scout F for the first time on July 24th.

The first images of this takeoff and return to Earth have just been posted on Joe Barnard’s YouTube account. The enthusiast even created his own company Barnard Propulsion Systems ( to share his progress and develop real professional projects around rockets. He now lives off his endorsements, his specialized online store and the ad revenue generated by it diffusiondiffusion of his videos on YouTube.

Here is the launch and return of Joe Barnard’s Scout F Miniature Rocket. The autodidact shows in his video how he managed to succeed in his efforts by learning through his experiences. © YouTube

A meat rocket?

On the page, Joe Barnard explains that he has a university degree in music production. Investigations rather distant from space travel. Wanting to work in this field, he led this challenge to try to get a job at SpaceXSpaceX trying to impress them with his scale model.

Currently, this enthusiast’s launches are limited in altitude, but he aspires to launch his rocket in suborbital space, that is, at an altitude of nearly 100 km. He is now working on a larger rocket model, christened with the strange name Meat Rocket… When asked why he used such a name, Joe Barnard replies that he does not want to give any clues, but this project is crazy . .


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