Amazon’s voice assistant celebrates its 4th anniversary in France – Image

On Sunday, November 6, Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, will blow out four candles in France and eight in the United States. “The number of customers actively using Alexa has grown considerably, +34% over the past year, and since launch, 7.75 billion interactions have been made between French users and Alexa. Some of these interactions show how voice assistant Alexa has entered our homes like a true member of the family. This is evident when we see that French Alexa users have said “I love you” to Alexa more than 5 million times in the past year alone,” said Gianmaria Visconti, Head of Amazon Alexa – France, Italy, Spain.

More than 300 expressions and 1,500 French jokes have been integrated since the launch of Alexa in France, the firm said. Users can also rediscover Les Contes de Perrault with the integration of a tale told by Alexa each month, or the French regions, by simply saying “Alexa, let me discover the French regions”. On the music listening side, more than 535 million hours of music have been streamed since the release of Alexa in France.

Alexa also allows you to program a timer or an alarm: around 210 million programmed last year in France. Since the launch of the Cook with Alexa experience, in collaboration with Jow, Marmiton and Cuisine Actuelle, there have been more than 5 million interactions with Alexa to search and follow step-by-step recipes, Amazon said.

Alexa makes available more than 3600 skills (voice applications) available in France, developed by Amazon and third-party developers. Last year, in France, there were more than 740 million interactions between connected devices and Alexa (+51% over one year), such as turning on/off the lights in the house. More than 422 million automated actions have been performed over the last 12 months (+69%), including turning on the coffee machine in the morning, giving the weather forecast and the news – respectively, 53 and 14 million requests last year – by playing a defined playlist and announcing the latest sports results only by saying “Alexa, hello”.

On the occasion of its anniversary, Alexa is also getting a new voice option. Alexa users in France can choose between the original Alexa voice and a new voice. Just say “Alexa, change your voice” to choose between the original Alexa voice sound or the new voice option. Users can change the wake word in the Alexa app and select one of the existing available wake words: Alexa, Echo or Amazon. All wake-up words can be used with the two voices offered. Also, between November 6 and November 13, when Alexa users wish Alexa a happy birthday by simply saying, “Alexa, happy birthday,” they can get a free three-month Audible subscription or an original song from Audible. Alexa.

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