Amazon: the new MacBook Air M2 of 2022 is already at a reduced price!

News good deal Amazon: the new MacBook Air M2 of 2022 is already at a reduced price!

The MacBook Air is selling like hotcakes. Apple knows that this simple name sells a lot, so this year the Apple brand has made its MacBook Air extremely efficient. When Amazon sells the king of consumer laptops cheaper than Apple, we tell you about it!

We’re not going to insult you by repeating why Macs are so popular. All you need is a bit of good faith to admit that even if Apple products are expensive, they are very well finished, stable and offer a particularly pleasant and fluid user experience.

For all non-gaming use, Macs are undeniably among the best computers in the world. Especially if you have an iPhone. Most people use their machine mainly to use the office pack and browse the internet. And on that, the MacBook Air shines brighter than any competition.

On the Apple site, this new MacBook Air is offered at a minimum of €1499 (by increasing the RAM or the storage, the prices soar). At the moment, Amazon displays the machine at 1419€, a discount p

Buy the MacBook Air M2 at 1419€ on Amazon

New MacBook Air M2: a real technical success

We said it, if you are looking for a war machine for gaming, go your way. For other uses and more casual gaming on Fortnite or other, this Mac may be interesting… especially if you have other Apple products. Everyone knows itthe great strength of the apple is its famous ecosystem in which all the products fit so well.

  • The screen is responsive, the colors are ultra faithful, the image precise, and, above all, we were amazed by its brightness.
  • Keyboard and trackpad level, we know Apple, it’s a real pleasure to spend hours in front of the MacBook Air M2
  • As for Autonomy and charging, we are pleased to find the famous MagSafe port in this 2022 version. No more risks of falling when you trip over the cable!
  • The autonomy of the beast is surprising. According to our tests, you have more thant enough to last 2 full days of work without needing the charger.
  • The Webcam finally switches to 1080p to adapt to the latest advances in MacOS.
  • The famous new M2 chip keeps its promises efficiency and power: Apple has done very well.

Our Mac journalist tested the beast when it was released. After having read it lengthwise, broadly and crosswise, his opinion is clear and without appeal: maximum score, 5 stars out of 5.

This new MacBook could only convince us. It is beautiful, brings out the MagSafe port, enlarges its screen, increases its luminosity, improves its webcam. The M2 processor is powerful, with a real difference compared to the M1. The first in-house chip was there to provide power and battery optimization. For the M2 chip, Apple is revising the performance upwards and the design with it. What more ? Maybe euros less.

And yes, the only big downside to this computer is its price. Which makes the little promo of the day more welcome.

Buy the MacBook Air M2 at 1419€ on Amazon

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