Amazon teams up with Snapchat to offer new Virtual Try-On experiences

To be sure to make the right choice of glasses, nothing could be simpler: just try them on! But it’s not always easy when it comes to buying them online. This is why Amazon is linking up with the Snapchat social network to allow its users to try out its products thanks to its famous Lenses.

Many brands of glasses to try directly on Snapchat

This is not the first time that the social network has allowed its users to carry out some virtual tests. KFC had already unveiled a capsule collection of clothing on Snapchat. It was possible for snapchatters to try on thanks to augmented reality. This time, it’s Amazon that reveals many models of brand glasses to try at will directly on the social network. Reading glasses, seasonal sunglasses… There’s something for everyone!

Note that all information about the various models is automatically updated from Amazon to Snapchat. This means that if a product is out of stock or if the price of one of them varies, the user is informed directly. In parallel, it is of course possible to know the price of the article as well as the description. It should also be noted that after fitting, it is possible to directly access the purchase of the product via Amazon Fashion.

Photo credit: Snapchat

A partnership designed to last

Amazon and Snapchat do not intend to stop at the virtual fitting of glasses. This partnership must extend to other areas. And it also allows the e-commerce giant to test its 3D Asset technology. This is only the beginning of a collaboration that may hold many surprises!

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