Amazon recommends this Samsung SSD on sale for your PS5

News good plan Amazon recommends this Samsung SSD on sale for your PS5

We love the PS5, it’s awesome…. But there is a “but”… Indeed, the console, as efficient as it is, still has some problems in addition to its flagrant (and hopeless) lack of stock. Amazon helps you solve this problem thanks in particular to this SSD signed Samsung.

Samsung’s 980 Pro SSD stamped “Amazon’s choice” loses more than 40% of its price!

By dropping the price of Samsung’s 1 TB SSD from €220.20 to €129.99, Amazon is clearly doing PS5 players a favor, who will thus be able to take advantage of more than 40% off the 980 Pro.

Buy the Samsung 980 Pro SSD for €129.99 on Amazon

And at this price, Samsung has not done things by halves since it has integrated its famous TurboWrite technology and its thermal control system into this little gem. We are clearly on something that displays excellent value for money, and in addition, Amazon recommends it to you!

Samsung: the 1 TB SSD that solves the most frustrating problem of the PS5

Yes, the PS5 is unfortunately not devoid of faults, no offense to some. On the other hand, its main problem can be solved very easily. With a 4th generation NVMe SSD.

Have you noticed that the remaining storage space of your PS5 after taking into account the space taken up by the operating system was far too meager to hold games that now take up to 100 GB? It’s frustrating isn’t it?

On the other hand, you may have noticed that you have an M.2 slot available for the console. Yes, it would seem that Sony basically had absolutely everything planned! This M.2 slot works like the one found on the motherboards of fixed gaming PCs: you can place an NVMe SSD there to increase the storage of your machine!

A small turn of the screw and you just have to insert your SSD. And that’s all !

Thanks to TurboWrite technology, we end up with an insane write speed of nearly 7000 MB/s. Similarly, you don’t need to add a heat sink since the SSD has an internal control system full thermal capable of preventing your device from overheating.

There are four storage sizes for the Samsung 980 Pro SSD:

  • 250 GB version: 112,99€
  • 500 GB version: 104,99€
  • 1 TB version: 129,99€
  • 2 TB version: 254,99€

Buy the Samsung 980 Pro SSD for €129.99 on Amazon

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