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How do you source these trends?

We work on the basis of the results provided by the Carlin trend office, which anticipates consumer needs, and with the Toys team at Amazon made up of around fifteen people in France, we have drawn up a Top 10 must-have toys this year.

How is the toy market doing?

While the games and toys market is experiencing a contained average price increase of 6% compared to last yearmarket research firm NPD says consumers won’t give up on indulging this Christmas, even if it means abandoning impulse purchases and pay more attention to prices. Christmas 2022 therefore appears, more than ever, as a welcome moment of truce. A beneficial and festive parenthesis that should bring renewed optimism to the whole family. Amazon makes a point of offering an attractive price offer in addition to low prices all year round. And with the economic crisis and rising prices, the financial difficulties of French households, we offer more 80,000 toys/games under €10, including 50,000 sold by Amazon RetaiI. The share of toy sales over the last quarter of the year can represent up to 46% of marketplace activity and 50% of retail activity of the site in France.

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What is the atmosphere in France?

It is clear that French consumers want give meaning to their purchase by opting for responsible and local toys. The sharing of traditional know-how is reflected in the desire to offer a French brand toy. Representing nearly 15% of toy sales in France today, according to NPD, the tricolor toy will still be in the spotlight at Christmas, in particular via its three favorite categories: games and puzzles (28%), the outdoors ( 25%) and the first age (20%). Moreover, 5 of the 10 brands in Amazon’s TOP 10 are French brands. Amazon also helps manufacturers to repatriate their production to France. At the same time, buyers trust brands that have a family tradition more. The wooden toy particularly appeals to them since it offers an answer combining naturalness and authenticity. Another trend, some parents prefer to play nostalgia card. Traditionally associated with childhood and the desire to return to a fantasized state of innocence, archaeologist Jane Eva Baxter notes that nostalgia, if not excessive, provides a sense of continuity and optimism in moments difficult. This explains the trend of vintage toys or games. Amazon emerged from 80s toy licenses. For example, approximately 1 in 2 adults between the ages of 20 and 40 have bought or received a board game as a gift or in the last 12 months.

Can you present this TOP 10 to us?

On Amazon, we have an extensive catalog of toys so the idea is to make it easier for parents or grandparents to choose with a selection that covers all age groups, even if the offer is focused on 3 years old. and 8 years for the end of year celebrations. It’s always time for board games for young and old to spend friendly family moments around games for parents wishing to discover the world of their childhood. With Monopoly Voyage Around the World, players visit different locations while achieving travel goals, discovering fun facts and… heading for victory! Asmodee’s Sonic Super Teams brings a frenzied speed race to life in the settings of Sega’s iconic game: Sonic, the Supersonic Hedgehog. Part of the TOP10 is dedicated to toys for the little ones and for parents who want to awaken their children with toys that are anchored in a specific approach – natural wooden toys, French brand toys, among others. To stimulate creativity, skill, coordination of movements and location in space, the Bloko Box is ideal for fun alone or with others. A game without limits that allows the child to create their own stories, characters, assemblies and universes through which to evolve while playing. Finally, the next 4 Top 10 games rely on identification and projection games. 100% maximum pleasure toys! Who hasn’t dreamed of leading a Viking Robot? Who hasn’t dreamed of having a Hot Wheels car race in a gigantic garage with a giant double track loop and, as a bonus, a surprise shark attack? Who hasn’t dreamed of being busy and telling their secrets to a doll? Who hasn’t dreamed of being a hero?

What’s new on the Amazon site for users?

Amazon offers the possibility of creating a list of gifts to share with its porches (family or friends). Each purchase of each participant – who must have an account – is synchronized (purchase tracking function) with the possibility of returning the product within 90 days.

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