Amazon Prime Video is preparing a remake of the series with Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen

Notice to fans of Maguy ! The French series of the 80s will have the right to a remake. And it’s Amazon Prime Video that is betting on bringing it up to date with a well-chosen cast. Explanations.

In 1987, the series Maguy brought together no less than 7 million viewers. A success that Amazon Prime Video will try to reproduce by producing the remake. Itself adapted from the American series Maudethis 8-season sitcom is known for having popularized the genre in France.

Broadcast on Antenne 2 (then France 2) every Sunday at 7:20 p.m., the soap opera features Maguy, a strong woman played by Rosy Varte. With her imposing brushing, this fifty-year-old runs her home, her husband (Jean-Marc Thibault) and her cleaning lady (Marthe Villalonga), all punctuated by recorded or unrecorded laughter.

Amazon Prime Video is preparing a remake of the series Maguy

It is therefore the American platform known for its large-scale projects such as Rings of Power who has the heavy task of bringing this slightly outdated sitcom up to date.

According Le Figaroit is the actress Marina Foïs (Polis, The Big Bath) who should hold the title role alongside Jonathan Cohen (Serge the Mytho, The Flame) in the modernized version of Georges Boissier. Sébastien Thoen, one of RTL’s “Big Heads”, will contribute to the script for this remake, the writing of which will begin in January 2023.

He explains that “today, Maguy protests in the streets against inflation and smokes CBD. Almost, she would sell weapons!“, laughs Thoen in sorrow of humor, the autobiography of a television clown. In this Maguy 2.0 version, the actor reveals that he intends to have fun diverting this cult character from the late 1980s by giving him ” the spirit of the series Family Business on Netflix“, he was cheerful.

With several projects in the humor sector such as Miskina, the poor or his next game LOL, who laughs, comes out!Maguy’s remake promises to be radical and incisive to say the least.

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