Amazon Prime photo storage: how does it work?

Thanks to your Amazon account, you benefit from the free Amazon Photos storage space to keep your photos and videos, whether you are an Amazon Prime subscriber or not. Our guide tells you how to store and share your best moments with this platform and its features.

What is Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos is the space of 5 GB (and more) that you get for free (except unlimited programs) to store, share and even edit your photos and videos from any connected device (PC, tablet or phone ). You can access it as soon as you are registered on Amazoneven without subscribing to Amazon Prime.

For larger space needs, Amazon Photos provides a choice of monthly or annual subscriptions. The storage formulas and their prices are accessible from your storage space.

In addition, Amazon Prime members benefit from unlimited space for storing their photos, as well as 5 GB for their videos. They also have access to improved search and management of their files. Thanks to the “Family album” mode, they can also register five additional members to be able to group their photos.

Note that Amazon Photos was designed only for personal use and cannot be used for professional or commercial purposes, for example for the professions of photographer or model.

All the possibilities with Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos, like all storage platforms, makes it possible to directly and securely save, print and share your photos and videos, but not only!

Uploading, downloading and editing your photos

Besides uploading/downloading, you can also view, manage and even edit your photos from any compatible device. These features are available to all Amazon customers.

Search and Filter

The system of image recognition allows the organization and filtering by person, place or object of your photos. Your research is all the more facilitated thanks to the filter icons and the search bar. However, this feature is only valid for Amazon Prime members.

family scrapbook

This archive function reserved for Amazon Prime customers allows the grouped storage of your photos that you can share with your loved ones.

The Family Album can accommodate up to 6 members, including you, the owner of the Amazon Prime account. Each member can contribute to the album and access it by having their personal Amazon Photos account free of charge. Unlimited storage space for photos and 5 GB for videos is included for those members affiliated with your account.


Finally, Amazon Photos automatically designs the slideshows to bring back your best memories that you can also share. This possibility is offered exclusively to Amazon Prime customers.


Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive: their similarities and differences

Being both cloud storage services, however, Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive offer different functions.

Their common point: storage

Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive are used to securely store your everyday files in the cloud. However, the two platforms do not support the same file types.

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Differences in their function

With Amazon Photos, you can upload, download, view, edit, and create photo albums. And of course, you can share your photos and videos with your loved ones on social networks or by email. The photo gallery also displays your files on all your devices.

Whereas with Amazon Drive you can send, download, preview and share other file types, including photos and videos. This platform also allows you to manage your files by folder, and to present the preview of your documents.

Compatibility with your devices and platforms

Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive have their own apps designed for iOS and Android, and can also be accessed through any web browser, desktop app, and on any Fire device.

The Amazon Photos desktop app is used for both Amazon Drive functionality.

The different functionalities

Amazon Photos offers the following various features:

  • Storing your photos and videos
  • Photo and video gallery
  • The family album
  • The photo editor for your edits and enhancements
  • Searching for photos by filter: person, place, object
  • Sharing photos and videos on other platforms (social networks, email)

While Amazon Drive mainly allows to:

  • Store and manage your files
  • Share your documents
  • View their previews

Types of storable files

Amazon Photos accepts types of usual photo and video files (mainly JPEG, PNG and MP4). While Amazon Drive allows the storage of common files other than photos and videos, but also accepts them, such as: PDF, DOCX, ZIP, JPEG, PNG, MP4, etc.

Image recognition by Amazon Photos

The image recognition feature makes it easier to find your photos on Amazon Photos. Plus, it keeps your gallery well-organized:

Thanks to this system, search for your photos by specific filters: people (by facial recognition or thanks to the tag), places, or even objects. To do this, you just need to perform the operation with the search option.

Your photos can also be automatically sorted by people in them. This way you can clean up the contents of your photo library.

Memories slideshows are created automatically by collecting your best moments or selecting them yourself.

Finally, the app offers sorting or organizing tips for decluttering, printing, or sharing your favorite moments.

Transferring your photos and videos to Amazon Photos

To upload your photos and videos, you can use the Amazon Photos desktop app. Also easily transfer your files stored on your current online storage space (Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) to Amazon Photos.

Note that Amazon Photos systematically uploads your files from iCloud from Apple when you download the Amazon Photos app to your iPhone or iPad.

If you prefer the transfer in manual mode

If you prefer to select the files and perform the transfer manually, follow the steps below:

  • Start by downloading the Amazon Photos desktop application on your PC.
  • Install Amazon Photos and sign in to Amazon.
  • Follow the instructions displayed.
  • Select the Backup tab, then tap “Add Backup”.
  • Choose the folder with the photos downloaded from your online storage space (Google Drive, iCloud).
  • Set your backup preferences (recurrence, photos, videos, etc.).
  • Finally, tap “Save” to upload your photos to Amazon Photos.


How to store your photos on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive are Amazon’s storage platforms. They offer offers at different prices to store your photos, videos or other files. Your Amazon account already gives you free access to 5 GB of storage. While Amazon Prime customers have access to unlimited photo storage.

How to recover photos from Amazon Photos?

Go to Amazon Photos and go to the Trash located on the left side of the page. Select the photos or folder you want to recover. Press “Restore” to restore the selected files to the location where they were deleted.

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