Amazon Prime now includes all of Amazon Music, but there’s a restriction

Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy a nice surprise… they now have access to the entire Amazon Music catalog.

Amazon has increased the prices of its Prime subscription (from 49 to 69.90 euros per year), but Amazon is also changing its offer. Amazon to launch an impressive offensive in this streaming battle.

Access to the entire Amazon Music catalog

Amazon just announced that all Amazon Prime members will be able to access the entire Amazon Music catalog ad-free.

Previously, users of the subscription service, whose main benefits are delivery and free offers, had a selection of just two million songs. Now, you will be able to access more than 75 million songs without paying any additional fees.

This novelty is accompanied by a redesign of the Music application. Amazon focused on improving the overall experience, but also on further integrating the podcast section. There is, by the way, a new feature called Podcast Previews, which allows users to preview a snippet of the episode before launching it. Additionally, a selection of “Top Podcasts” will no longer have ads for Amazon Prime subscribers.

There is a catch

Entire Amazon Music catalog on Amazon Prime does not transfer all music service benefits. Indeed, you will not be able to listen to music entirely on demand. In fact, you will be able to select any artist, album or playlist to start a shuffle (the random play function). You will still be able to download the content to listen to it offline.

If you want the full Amazon Music experience, which includes on-demand playback, high definition audio, and spatial audio, you’ll need to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited. The latter costs 9.99 euros per month.

Amazon Prime for 69.90 euros per month

We remind it, AmazonPrime is now available at 69.90 euros per year. New customers can also benefit from a free trial month.

For students, the subscription is 24 euros per year with a 90-day trial period.

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