Amazon Music: its new offer is useless if you like music

Amazon has been changing its Prime offer since the beginning of the year. First by offering more ambitious programs on its Prime Video with, for example, the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Then the American company announced future price increase, the annual subscription going from €49 to €69.90. There, we have already started to make a little head. But aware that users must be pampered, Amazon issued a statement a few days ago to shake Spotify: from now on, the Amazon Music offer included in the Prime subscription no longer offers 2 million titles, but 100 million ! Great ? No really not.

Amazon Music: for inattentive ears

Reading the news, yours truly, himself an Amazon Prime subscriber, hastened to download the Amazon Music application! Smiling, he was going to be able to listen to all the music he likes while writing his articles for Android-MT! The open app, a beautiful screen highlights this exceptional figure of 100 million titles ! There is indeed the expression “in random mode” which is strange, but let’s move on.

Why not listen to the latest Kings of Leon album? I run it and want to play the first song. I suddenly find myself at number 4th… OK, that must have been the “random” aspect. I want to replay this song and I find myself listening to Interpol ! I want to pass the song, they tell me that I don’t have the right and I have exceeded my daily cost ! I then want to go straight to the end of the song, but I can’t either!

I close the application, I open it again, I want to relaunch the first song of the Kings of Leon album and… they relaunch me on Interpol. So I can’t even listen to the song I want!

I try to cheat by creating a playlist since those offered in the app do not suffer from these reading restrictions. So I relaunch a Kings of Leon song… and here I am listening to the White Lies! The application then explains to me thatshe created a playlist in the style of the song I wanted to listen to, but can’t listen to.

Why so much hate? For the money of course!

Amazon Music: when one subscription hides another

As it is, it must be said, this new Amazon Music is useless if you love music ! It will only serve you to launch background music playlists that you will not really listen to. So how to explain that it is impossible for you to choose a song and that you find yourself the auditory slave of an algorithm which explains to you moreover that it brushes you in the direction of the eardrum? Simply because there is a paid Unlimited offer at €9.99 that will give you back your freedom. Whenever you try to control the free app, a screen is displayed to offer it to you.

We then realize that it was much more interesting to have “only” 2 million tracks to listen to freely than 100 million in random mode. As saying that this offer will not overshadow anyone. On the contrary, it will do bad publicity – deserved – to Amazon. Spotify’s free offer, despite those intrusive ads, at least has its merits in respecting the works and the integrity of the albums.

Yes, the new version of Amazon Music even leads us to speak well of Spotify. That is to say !

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