Amazon is expanding its music catalog for its Prime subscribers

Posted Nov 1, 2022, 2:30 PM

Amazon Prime subscribers now have access to 50 times more songs on the Amazon Music streaming service, at no additional cost or advertising, anywhere in the world. Fans of the e-commerce giant’s premium delivery offer, which includes in France for 69.90 euros annually (or 6.99 monthly) its video and music streaming services, now benefit from the 100 million titles in the catalog. music from amazon. Until now, only Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers had access to it. Prime subscribers could only listen to 2 million songs.

“Our Prime subscribers thus have access to the most exhaustive catalog that exists”, rejoices the general manager of Amazon Music in France, Thomas Duglet. Only Apple Music is equal, with 100 million titles, while Spotify claims 80 million and Deezer 90 million. With one nuance, however: Prime subscribers will only browse this sound library in random mode (“shuffle”), whereas they previously had access to the 2 million titles on demand. “The shuffle offer corresponds more to the uses of our Prime subscribers, who mainly use playlists or stations, in particular via voice command on Alexa, allowing them to request genres or artists, for example”, indicates Thomas Duglet. Fifteen playlists will however be accessible on demand, including three personalized using algorithms.

Prime subscribers will also be able to choose from a selection of podcasts, without advertising, in particular in the catalog of Wondery, the specialized American platform acquired at the end of 2020. To freely choose your songs, benefit from HD or even ultra HD sound and access millions of podcasts, you will need to subscribe to the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, for 9.99 euros per month per user, or 15.99 euros for an account. family. “The Amazon Music Prime offer had not changed for some time, it was important to expand the catalog”, comments Thomas Duglet.

80 million Amazon Music users

When Amazon Music Prime was launched, in 2014 in the United States and in 2018 in France, record companies were reluctant to face the atypical model of this service included free of charge in an express delivery offer. “They feared cannibalization with other streaming services,” recalls Mark Mulligan, analyst at Midia Research. But since then, he has proven himself. “They found that Amazon Music attracted more casual and less young listeners than other platforms,” continues the expert. This advantage, at a time when labels now want to exploit every pocket of growth in a more mature streaming market, has certainly facilitated negotiations for the extension of the catalogue.

To take advantage of the boom in streaming, Amazon is positioning itself at all price levels, with even a free offer with advertising launched in France in April 2021. “This allows us to bring other people to paid streaming”, comments Thomas Duglet. A winning strategy according to him: “We are very happy with our growth”, assures the boss of Amazon Music France, without communicating figures. Jeff Bezos’ firm claimed more than 200 million Prime subscribers and 80 million Amazon Music users as of 1er January 2021.

In just a few years, Amazon has become the world’s third-largest music streaming service, behind Spotify and Apple, according to Midia Research. “First perceived as additions to the Amazon Prime express delivery service, the Video and Music services have become reasons for subscription in their own right”, underlines Mark Mulligan. A strategic lever for Amazon, while the firm has just published lackluster financial results.

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