Amazon Future Engineer launches Citizen Code Python, a fun and educational adventure to educate even more young people about computer code – France

Amazon launched the Amazon Future Engineer program in 2020 to raise young people’s awareness of digital opportunities, with particular attention paid to those underrepresented in this field: young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds and young girls.
Our goal is to manage to initiate as many young people as possible because many of the challenges we have to meet today, whether in the field of health, transport or education, call for digital solutions, says Olivia Hayot, head of the Amazon Future Engineer program in France. Digital technology occupies a growing place in many areas of daily life and mastering the language is becoming both a necessity and an asset for the younger generations. Our goal is to contribute to equal opportunities by enabling them to discover new perspectives and giving them access to jobs of the future. “.

“The digital sector is booming but it concentrates a lot of inequalities and suffers from a lack of diversity. Women are poorly represented there, young girls project themselves there less and must be encouraged to feel legitimate there. The Citizen Code Python program, offered by TRALALERE and France IOI as part of Amazon Future Engineer, should precisely enable all young people to position themselves as creators, and not just as consumers, of digital technology. And why not encourage vocations… », emphasizes Deborah Elalouf, President and founder of TRALALERE.

Make more young people aware of digital opportunities

From the outset, and through its various initiatives, Amazon Future Engineer has chosen to rely on associations recognized for their pedagogical expertise, whether it is to welcome students in 3e in Amazon premises, to organize digital workshops in primary school classes or to support secondary school students and teachers in new programs related to digital and computer science. ” Although the program has already reached more than 290,000 young people, the number of face-to-face workshops that our network of partner facilitators can organize remains limited. However, we want every young person in France to be able to benefit from this support, regardless of their financial or geographical situation, Explain Olivia Hayot. To achieve this, we have opted for a solution accessible to everyone, at any time and totally free, through an approach that is fun, educational, rewarding and in line with the objectives of National Education. “.

Training that takes the form of a fun and educational adventure

Citizen Code Python comes in the form of a 100% free fun course: to develop his city, the player must code the elements that compose it in python. For beginners who would find it difficult to get started directly in python language programming, the program provides the possibility of coding with blocks (Blockly), an alternative that allows you to acquire algorithmic logic. The program is designed as a series divided into seasons published punctually. The first season has six episodes. To progress in the adventure, the student must achieve the objective of the first episode before moving on to the next. At each key stage, he can change the appearance of his avatar with new personalization elements and grow his city. At the end of the season, he receives two “Open Badges” attesting to the skills acquired: one for python and one for blockly. ” This is a first in our approach, emphasizes Olivia Hayot. Non-falsifiable, these Open Badges stamped Amazon Future Engineer are both rewarding and allow some young people to obtain elements to complete their CV. In addition, they also underline the rigor with which the content of the workshops was thought out because to obtain these certifications, the students must really acquire the level of skills associated “.


An ambitious project that required a lot of expertise

To bring this project to fruition, Amazon Futur Engineer has brought together two historical partners of its program: TRALALERE and France IOI.

Creator of educational digital resources (or EdTech), TRALALERE was founded in 2000 by pioneers of educational multimedia and experts in educational engineering. A social and solidarity economy company, it designs and implements digital resources for children, young people and their educational actors. It is illustrated in particular in serious games on various subjects. They are widely used in schools and by grassroots associations. TRALALERE also coordinates for France the European prevention and education program for the proper use of the Internet, called Safer Internet. For Thomas Bourguet, Deputy Managing Director of TRALALEREparticipating in the development of Citizen Code Python was an opportunity to enrich the partnership with Amazon Future Engineer: “ This is an idea that we have wanted to develop for a long time. As EdTech, our mission is also to promote the learning of digital technology and more particularly of computer code to the widest possible audience.. In other words, our intentions were the same and, like Amazon, we are very sensitive to the place of women in digital. We have also paid particular attention to the graphic universe as well as the nature of the activities so that the girls find as much pleasure in training as the boys. “.

In charge of the French selection for the International Computer Science Olympiads, one of the most prestigious computer science competitions in the world for young people, the France IOI association is also known for the Castor competition which it has been orchestrating in France since 2011, in partnership with Inria and theENS Paris-Saclay. Organized in different forms in 50 countries, this competition aims to introduce young people to computer science and digital sciences. France IOI is also the champion of educational resources for teachers on these digital subjects and it is precisely this expertise that the Citizen Code Python project needed to develop content in line with the National Education program and set up a progression relevant teaching.

“Convinced that digital culture is an integral part of the general culture of today and tomorrow, our mission is to develop educational and pedagogical practices using digital technology. It is in this sense that our partnership and our involvement in this training project led by Amazon Future Engineer seemed obvious to us. Making digital accessible and attractive to as many people as possible thanks to fun and 100% free tools is one of our objectives”, explains Mathias Hiron, President of the France IOI association

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