Amazon France: darling of the liberals, nightmare of the workers

Amazon. It’s hard not to know this multinational as it is so much a part of our lives. In France, the multinational is a nightmare for those who work there. The recurring sending of bad payslips makes the life of French employees impossible. For the year 2021, there are 42% of temporary workers, 1 employment contract out of 5 broken at the end of the trial period, 900,000 overtime hours, 106 employees unable to continue their work… These are the figures for social damage. according to the recipe from Amazon, revealed by Humanity.

But rest assured, Jeff Bezos’ company is creating jobs, liberals tell you. A lesser evil, while people are looking for work, isn’t it? Except that Amazon and e-commerce are destroying jobs. 7,900 jobs destroyed in 2018 in France, 2.2 jobs for local trade are lost for 1 Amazon job created. Amazon, liberal darling, working-class nightmare. Our article.

Random payslips from… Bratislava

Amazon’s payroll service has been relocated to Slovakia. But these services multiply errors. They put French workers in impossible situations by frequently making mistakes in sending pay slips. ” It is a recurring scandal denounced by the unions, about which the management of Amazon turns a blind eye “, according Humanity.

Some French workers receive much higher salaries than their own. Payrolls of several thousand euros, sometimes going up to 9,200 euros (!). How does the multinational proceed after paying someone more than it should? It’s simple : ” Amazon refuses to publish new payslips and is content not to send them any more money in the following months “. These situations border on the absurd. The overpayment caused several employees to lose their APL or their activity bonus.

Other workers mistakenly receive meager salaries of… 300 or 400 euros. Crumbs, dust, amounts that have nothing to do with their usual salaries. These errors lead to situations of unprecedented violence. How to fill the fridge with such a small amount? According to the unions, an Amazon worker at the Lauwin-Planque warehouse has reportedly already been evicted from his accommodation due to financial difficulties caused by an error on his payslip “. What is an employee? A figure in a box of a huge Excel table. the multinational does not care, turns a blind eye to a situation that has been going on for years. Scandal.

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Use of temporary workers, overtime, exhausted employees… Amazon is leading an internal social disaster

The figures revealed by Humanity are uplifting. 900,000 overtime hours were worked by the employees of the multinational in 2021. One employee thus processes 65,000 items per year. At the rate of 253 working days per year, that makes 256 articles per day. Repetitive and extremely tedious tasks. Not surprising that ” 62% of layoffs [aient] for origin a job abandonment “. As such, 106 employees were declared unfit to continue their work by occupational medicine.

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Amazon seems to have a passion for the precariousness of work. Temporary workers represent 42% of the workforce in 2021. Even when the multinational signs permanent contracts, it is often to break the trial period before it ends. In 2021, “ 962 employment contracts were terminated at the initiative of the employer at the end of the trial period “, or 1 contract out of 5. Clever technique which allows Amazon to receive public aid from Pôle Emploi. Does Jeff Bezos’ company reimburse this public aid after these breaks in the trial periods? Not at all. Or how to recover public aid by leaving workers on the floor.

In short, Amazon is a nightmare for workers. She stuffs herself, and her boss too. The multinational achieved a phenomenal turnover of 121 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2022 worldwide. For his part, Jeff Bezos, leader of Amazon and representative of the delusions of grandeur of the ultra-rich is only … the second fortune in the world. The poor guy was overtaken by Elon Musk. According to the Forbes ranking, his fortune is estimated at 171 billion dollars. It’s time for the big guys to pay.

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