Amazon Echo – Listen to the male voice of voice assistant Alexa!

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant blows out its 4th candle. Echo devices have become everyday companions for millions of homes around the world.

Echo Dot, echo-show, Echo Dot Clock, Echo Studio… Amazon is constantly improving and developing devices. Since its launch 4 years ago, 15 different products have been created.

Alexa, what numbers can you reveal?

“The number of customers actively using Alexa has grown considerably, +34% over the past year, and since launch, 7.75 billion interactions have been made between French users and Alexa. Some of these interactions show how voice assistant Alexa has entered our homes like a true member of the family. This is evident when we see that French Alexa users have said “I love you” to Alexa more than 5 million times in the past year alone,” says Gianmaria Visconti, Head of Amazon Alexa – France, Italy, Spain.

And the numbers don’t stop there: 535 million hours of music have been streamed since the release in France.
Cook with the voice assistant generated 5 million interactions. 300 million connected products work with Alexa worldwide, including light bulbs, sockets, video doorbells, WiFi routers and vacuum cleaners. There are more than 3600 active Skills (applications).

In 2021, there were 740 million interactions between connected devices and Alexa (+51% year-on-year). There were also 53 million weather requests and 14 million news requests.

Always more activities with Alexa

Amazon teams are constantly developing new activities: listening to podcasts, discovering the works of parisian museums or just recently the Amazon Kids activities (read our article).

Heavens, a man in the house!

And to celebrate this anniversary, Alexa now offers to choose between the iconic female voice and a male voice.
To activate this option, simply say: “Alexa, change your voice”. We invite you to discover the result below in our video.

So do you like it?

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