Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Generation)

Introduction and presentation

Review – Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen)

Today we look at the new Amazon Echo Dot with clock. it’s about 5th generationit is sold at the price of €69.99 (with a promotion at the time of writing for €39.99). Available in blueGrey or i White, let’s find out together if this new generation honors the previous ones.

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Unboxing the Echo Dot

The box looks a bit like the previous generations. Quite simply, light blue and white, the box shows the visuals of your Echo Dot with the mention that it is 5th generation. On the back we discover some example sentences to talk to Alexa, and some features on the pages.


  • Echo Dot (5th generation)
  • Charging cable
  • Guides and instructions


The 5th generation Echo Dot will only differ from its bigger sibling by the lack of a 3.5mm audio output on the back. Visually, it’s still the same very elegant ball. Here available in blue grey Where White, it presents itself quite simply. On the front there is the LED display of the time, a microphone stop button, a button to increase and one to decrease the volume, an action button. On the back is the power port.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock

Below, a ring of light reacts to interactions when you call your Echo Dot. In fact, the color will change depending on the state of your Echo Dot, with for example blue when it is listening, red when the microphone is muted, yellow when you have a new notification or purple when you are in do not disturb mode.

Minimally invasiveit remains the same format, namely 100*100*89 mm, for a weight of 349g and fits very easily on your bedside table or in your living room.

Technical characteristics and functions

  • Size: 100*100*89mm
  • Weight: 349g
  • Sound: 44 mm front speaker
  • LED display
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection

Amazon Echo Dot with clock

  • Our Echo Dot with the best audio performance: Experience an audio experience unmatched by previous generations of Echo Dot with Alexa, and enjoy clearer voices, deeper bass and powerful sound in any room.
  • Check the weather and more at a glance: The upgraded LED display shows the time, alarms, weather, song titles and more.
  • Your favorite music and content: Start playing your music, audiobooks and podcasts from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer or other services or via Bluetooth throughout your home.
  • Alexa is happy to help: Ask Alexa to tell you the weather and song titles, set timers, answer your questions or even tell you a joke, just with your voice. Need a few extra minutes in the morning? Just tap your Echo Dot with watch to snooze your alarm.
  • Help keep your home comfortable: Control compatible connected devices with your voice and routines triggered by indoor temperature sensors. Create routines to turn on a connected fan if the indoor temperature exceeds your comfort temperature.
  • Do more by pairing your devices: Listen to music throughout your home using your compatible Echo devices in different rooms. Create a home theater system with Fire TV.
  • Designed to protect your privacy: This speaker is equipped with several privacy protection and control features, including a microphone mute button that allows you to electronically mute the microphones.
  • Climate Pledge Friendly Label : Amazon took the environment into consideration when designing this device; 99% of the latter’s packaging comes from responsibly managed forests or recycling channels, 95% of the material used comes from post-consumer recycled materials and 55% of the plastic used comes from post-consumer recycled plastic.

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