Amazon draws a crazy price on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, if you’re patient

Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 range during its traditional September keynote. On this occasion, the American brand announced four new high-end models, including the very premium iPhone 14 Pro Max, which presents itself as the crème de la crème of this generation.

If Black Friday has not yet officially started on Amazon, the merchant is already displaying offers worthy of the operation. In this case, he does not hesitate to present a discount on the most luxurious of Apple smartphones. More specifically, this iPhone 14 Pro Max is available at a price of 1,329 euros instead of 1,479 euros. Apple never discounts its products, so this is a unique chance to take advantage of it. If it is displayed out of stock, you can still buy it: Amazon will deliver when it has stock.

To find out, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

By choosing an iPhone 14 Pro Max now on Amazon, you realize an immediate saving of -10% on the smartphone. While this may seem minimalist compared to other brands, it’s the best you can find on a model from the Apple brand. On the other hand, this represents a price drop of 150 euros, it is already very relevant, especially since this bestseller has been available on the market for just a few weeks.

It should also be noted that Apple never makes discounts on its official website. Even during Black Friday or sales, prices are still high. The only way to save money on the iPhone 14 Pro Max or any other reference of the brand is to wait for merchants like Amazon to reveal offers, this takes place very punctually and the deals never last long.

If you order this iPhone 14 Pro Max on Amazon, know that you take advantage of the free delivery. Nevertheless, the delivery date displayed by the merchant remains approximate, it must be specified. It doesn’t change much because the delays on the official website remain even longer for this model. Finally, know that you have until January 31, 2023 to change your mind and return the order if you are not convinced. The return is completely free and triggers a full refund of the product.

The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, the nugget of Apple

As usual, Apple presented a full range of several models, including the famous iPhone 14 Pro Max. It presents itself as the largest and most premium model of its generation thanks to its beautiful 6.7-inch OLED screen with a dynamic refresh rate of 120 Hz to 1 Hz.

In addition to the Always-On mode, the big novelty of this iPhone 14 Pro Max is the presence of Dynamic Island, a feature that makes the notch housing FaceID adapt to the software you use, so that the design is at the service of use. It’s a nice update that is worthy of Apple and innovation, this change partially explains why this model is a potential bestseller.

For the photo, Apple has also upgraded with the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, this one has a selfie sensor for a triple sensor on the back, this one has a 48 Mpx wide-angle, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle and 12MP telephoto lens with 3x zoom. With this camera and software processing, you get image quality worthy of the best smartphones of 2022.

As usual, Apple develops its own chips for its smartphones, so this new iPhone 14 Pro Max is equipped with the latest A16 Bionic processor which is ultra-powerful for a foolproof browsing experience, whether when you play or when you use heavier applications. At the same time, iOS 16 gives you a perfectly smooth browsing experience, the ecosystem is excellent, whether you have other brand devices or not.

If this offer has just appeared at Amazon, it is already destined to end. This is the first time this iPhone 14 has had a discount since it was released just two months ago. The model is already attracting thousands of orders on the official Apple website, so it is certain that the public will jump on this flash sale at the online merchant.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is displayed at a low price at Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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