Amazon delivery man mistakenly beaten up in Chelsea

An Amazon delivery man was violently attacked in Chelsea on Monday night when a neighbor thought he was a burglar and decided to ‘deal with’ him.

The delivery man would have made the wrong address when going to deliver a package, and would have parked in the entrance of a residence, which seemed unoccupied, around 7:30 p.m.

The neighbor opposite would therefore have seen the “suspicious” vehicle and would have believed, wrongly, that he was about to commit an offence.

It was then that he would have taken the initiative to go and confront him, rather than alert the police.

The 27-year-old delivery man, who was still in his vehicle, was reportedly beaten up with a flashlight before he could even explain himself.

The delivery man would then have tried to leave the premises, but in the panic, his vehicle ended up in a tree.

Arrived on the spot, the police had to reassure the man who is a newcomer, explained the spokesperson for the police force to TVA Nouvelles.

“There is a part that is very human and it really struck our police officers, not to say upset them. It’s because the victim in this case was a newcomer. When our police officers arrived on the spot, they had to reassure him and inform him. And by his own admission, he did not expect the police to believe his version and expected them to arrest him, ”explains Martin Fournel, of the MRC des Collines police.

The neighbor could be charged with assault with a weapon and mischief.

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