Amazon Ads loads up on video formats at its UnBoxed 2022 conference

The American company will support its partners in the development of video advertising content and improve its performance measurement tools.

Video and performance are on the program for Amazon Ads. The advertising arm of the American company announced its new products at its annual UnBoxed 2022 conference, which takes place in New York from October 25 to 27, 2022. “These announcements apply both internationally and for France”, we confirms Stéphane Grenier, the general manager of Amazon Ads in France, who will celebrate his tenth anniversary in France next December. “We strive to provide brands with digital advertising tools and opportunities both on and off,” adds the general manager of Amazon Ads in France. The proposed new features mainly concern video advertising formats. “Video has a real impact on the consumer, says Stéphane Grenier. Our new solutions will help advertisers reach and interact with relevant audiences”.

Simplified video content creation

Amazon Ads launches sponsored display video creative, a new service available globally now that allows advertisers to create video campaigns showcasing their products and promoting their brand to Amazon customers and globally from the web. “The sponsored display works in self-service on an auction system that works on a cost-per-click basis. It was only available in static and will now be available on video, explains Stéphane Grenier, the general manager of Amazon Ads. in France. For brands with little content, we offer the sponsored display video creative to create free formats and distribute them”. These videos are created from the logo, packshot and video content available to the brand such as tutorials, demonstrations or product unboxings with user testimonials.

Amazon Ads is also announcing an expanded public beta program for video builder, a tool that allows brands to easily create videos using customizable templates in less than ten minutes for their Amazon sponsored brands advertising campaigns. This time, product and lifestyle images are used to create the video content. These campaigns are then served on Amazon. “This tool meets the needs of small brands without creative capacity in order to support them in the development of advertising formats to reach their audiences via video”, explains Stéphane Grenier.

The link between advertisers and service providers

The Seattle company also offers a new offer to link advertisers and creative providers. With Amazon creative services, brands can search and filter services based on their needs, view reviews and samples, and connect with vendors who will deliver end-to-end creative delivery. This service is controlled from the display console, it allows advertising videos to be broadcast at a cost per thousand.

From the performance recommendation

Available in ten countries including France from 2022, the performance recommendations will be aimed at marketplace sellers who use the search console for their sponsored product campaigns. In the background, these recommendations will offer to bid on new keywords or to change the bid amount. “Recommendations are determined based on the advertiser, product category, brand positioning, brand strengths and weaknesses, real-time competition and consumer research,” says the CEO of Amazon Ads in France. Will be offered higher or lower bids, keywords to activate or deactivate”.

Two new features for the clean room

Amazon marketing cloud, Amazon’s clean room service, i.e. a secure and anonymized cloud environment where sales data, advertising campaigns, CRM and customer knowledge converge, offers new functionalities including signal coverage. The latter aims to offer advertisers visibility on their cross-media attribution and to verify the impact of each channel. Amazon Ads aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the customer journey, signals from sponsored brands will be included in early 2023.

No date for live shopping in France

If Stéphane Grenier confirms that “this product will eventually arrive in Europe and France, we do not have a fixed date yet”, he adds. Amazon is also relying on Twitch, the streaming platform that the company bought in 2014, to offer live product presentation videos. Amazon Ads developed an operation during the prime days with the SEB group’s Rowenta brand to present a robot vacuum cleaner. During a two-hour livestream, streamer AVAMind demonstrated a robot vacuum cleaner from the brand, generating two million impressions.

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