after Sony, Microsoft announces that prices will increase in 2023

According to Phil Spencer, the Xbox Game Pass is profitable, since it represents approximately “10 to 15%” of Microsoft’s turnover in the video game sector. However, growth is slowing, and price increases could be expected as early as next year.

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A few weeks ago, Sony announced bad news for players: the price of its PS5 was going to increase in Europe. For its part, Nintendo has promised that it will not increase the price of the Switch despite inflation, and Microsoft has also assured thatno Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S price increases were planned.

So far, Microsoft hasn’t changed its mind, instead considering the Xbox platform as a way to transfer players to its Xbox Game Pass service. The latter offers games for a monthly subscription, including Microsoft’s exclusive titles on the day of their release. However, it would seem that Microsoft has changed its mind.

Price increases from next year at Xbox

During WSJ Live, Phil Spencer said Xbox Game Pass or console prices may be increased in the future. “ I do think that at some point we will have to increase the prices of certain things, but as we approach the end of the year holidays, we thought it was important to maintain the prices “.

The Xbox boss added that “ Consumers are currently more insecure than they have been in a long time, and I want our video game support to be something they find appealing. “. This means that the price of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles will not increase by the end of the year, but should start to rise from the beginning of next year.

The Xbox Game Pass service, which is considered one of the best value for money in video games, may also see an increase. For now, we don’t really know exactly what will increase at Microsoft in 2023. The American giant could choose to only increase the prices of consoles, those of the Xbox Game Pass or even the price of its exclusive games… or even all three at the same time.

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