After Amazon’s success with The Rings of Power, Warner Bros. Discovery ready for new Lord of the Rings movies?

news culture After Amazon’s success with The Rings of Power, Warner Bros. Discovery ready for new Lord of the Rings movies?

It was during a recent meeting with investors that David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, discussed the future of the licenses currently held by the group. After the recent success of the Rings of Power series from Amazon, the firm could well offer us new incursions into Middle-earth.

The future of Warner Bros. Discovery

On the occasion of the quarterly review of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, CEO of the firm, spoke with investors to share his plans for the future of the group. Yesterday, we already reported his desire to continue operating the Harry Potter license. According to The Hollywood Reporter, adaptations of JK Rowling’s literary saga have brought in an astronomical sum of $7.7 billion. With such figures, it is certain that the idea of ​​​​abandoning the universe of sorcerer’s apprentices has not yet crossed the mind of Warner.

Nevertheless, regarding Harry Potter, the firm is still waiting for JK Rowling’s fire to continue its operation. There is still talk of an adaptation of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Children, as well as a series destined for HBO Max.

Harry Potter is obviously not the only license operated so far by Warner Bros. The studio still has control over the DC universe, whose reins were recently handed over to James Gunn. The future of the Justice League begins to take shape, while Henry Cavill has just announced that he will return to the Superman costume.

Except that today, it’s a completely different universe that interests us. During conversations between David Zaslav and his investors, the Lord of the Rings case was briefly mentioned. The recent success of the series Rings of Power produced by Amazon would push Warner to consider a return of Middle-earth in cinemas.

The king’s return

After talking about the DC Universe and Harry Potter, David Zaslav also mentioned The Lord of the Rings. While we’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for Amazon’s The Rings of Power series, the show remains a hit for Prime Video. A success that undoubtedly motivates the statements of David Zaslav, who also quotes House of The Dragon, the spin-off of Game of Thrones. For him, sci-fi and fantasy always have a future with the public.

The DC and Harry Potter films generated huge profits for Warner Bros. over the past 25 years. House of The Dragon is a prime example; Game of Thrones taking over Sex and The City. Lord of the Rings – we still have the rights to make new Lord of the Rings movies.

Remember that Peter Jackson’s trilogy is one of the greatest successes in the history of cinema, generating nearly 3 billion dollars and winning 11 Oscars when the latest film, The Return of the King, was released. A record still today. As for the Hobbit, if the trilogy did not meet the same critical success, it brought back the same sum to Warner Bros. It is therefore quite logical that David Zaslav makes such statements.

For the moment, nothing is yet acted. The only current project in Middle-earth will take the form of an animated film.
Entitled “The War of The Rohirrim”, this project will return to the legendary riders of Rohan who played a leading role in the battle of Helm’s Deep in the Two Towers.

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