Affinity insurance: why choose Parachut?

What object can be protected with affinity insurance?

Affinity insurance is similar to warranty extensions that are done when purchasing a valuable item. If the legislation imposes a manufacturer’s warranty period, which can vary from 1 to 3 years depending on the product, beyond this fateful date, your product is good for breakage if it breaks down. In a context where we try more than ever to pay attention to the lifespan of our articles, whether for economic or ecological reasons, affinity insurance seems to be an ideal solution.

All everyday objects are thus likely to be protected by this type of insurance. To get an idea of ​​what it is possible to insure, you can go to the Parachut website and do a price simulation. The objects most often insured by private individuals are, unsurprisingly, household appliances, which are both expensive and difficult to replace (refrigerator, built-in oven, washing machine), fragile and expensive multimedia devices (television, tablet, smartphone), but also objects more unexpected like the lawnmower, the electric scooter or the sofa.

What advantages does an affinity insurance like Parachut offer?

Affinity insurance like Parachut offers several advantages. First, it allows you to target the objects you want to protect. Unlike more traditional insurance, it is not the cumulative value of the goods that is protected, but each object individually. By precisely targeting the object, reimbursement in the event of a claim is often much more generous. Another positive point that seems to delight users: the possibility of bringing together a wide variety of items in a single insurance contract. Practical and reassuring, the price remains contained while ensuring great protection of objects.

And this is the third great strength of Parachut insurance: the protection of objects against a wide range of risks, obviously ranging from breakage to theft, including breakdown, loss and even oxidation. Insurers offer several solutions depending on each customer: repair as far as possible, replacement or reimbursement. All this, while offering low rates: this is the recipe that largely explains the success of these insurers.

The points of vigilance before choosing your insurer

Affinity insurance is a real craze, since two thirds of French people say they are ready to use it. This suggests great prospects and the arrival of many players in this very lucrative market. It is therefore more essential than ever to be careful with whom you decide to sign your insurance contract. The first point of vigilance is obviously the method of termination: insurance companies are generally very strong in keeping their users captive. On this point, Parachut stands out by offering the freedom to terminate at any time, without waiting for the anniversary date of the contract.

The second important point of vigilance consists in verifying the solidity of the insurer. Insurance is an area where you have to be strong enough to disburse large sums of cash quickly. To do this, Parachut, for example, relies on Mutuaide and its 12 million customers in order to reassure its customers.

Last point to take into account when choosing an insurer: the price. A trick to save money is to opt for a package price, that is to say a fixed price that includes all the protections described above. You just have to list the objects you want to include in the formula. This way, there are no bad surprises: you know what is protected, how much you will pay, everything is grouped together in a single contract. Other players offer a price per item, but it is generally more expensive from three insured items.