Accessibility: Microsoft almost canceled the Xbox Adaptive Controller | Xbox One

As you know, Xbox has strengthened its actions in favor of people with disabilities in recent years. Accessibility is high on the Redmond firm’s agenda right now, but as the first set of Microsoft Adaptive Ecosystem accessories was released yesterday, a Microsoft executive revealed that the Xbox Adaptive Controller may never have seen the light of day. .

A project on the verge of cancellation kept afloat by employees

Robin Seiler, vice president of Microsoft in charge of Windows and peripherals, spoke to our colleagues from The Verge about the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

‚ÄúThere was a time when the Xbox controller designed for accessibility was on the list of products to be removed. Microsoft was managing the budgets, and it was on the verge of going unfunded and never going out. Across all Teams, Xbox and Surface, we said, ‘No, this really matters to the world. It’s not about revenue or brand positioning; it’s just important that people can play games if they want to.”

Research and development work around the Xbox Adaptive Controller spanned several years. After many prototypes and other concepts, it was a team of Microsoft employees dedicated to this task that succeeded in concretizing Microsoft’s efforts in terms of accessibility and making the Xbox Adaptive Controller a reality without taking into account specific budgets. . In 2019, Microsoft advertising presented during the Super Bowl featured young players with disabilities who were able to try the Xbox Adaptive Controller for the first time.

Today, Microsoft has only reinforced its investment in accessibility for gamers and users of the Microsoft ecosystem, whether for work or play. The Xbox Adaptive Controller along with the latest accessories from the Microsoft Adaptive Ecosystem were released yesterday alongside the new line of Surface devices.

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