Acast-hosted podcasts now ad-free for Amazon Music subscribers

An agreement between the two companies gives Amazon Prime customers and Music customers access to a new catalog of shows, without advertising breaks.

Podcasts to listen to without interruption and, above all, without advertising. This is the heart of the agreement, signed on November 3, 2022, between the host Acast and the music streaming platform Amazon Music. Starting today, Acast’s podcasts will be ad-free for Prime service members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers. Indeed, the e-commerce giant has bought the advertising inventory of podcasts from the Swedish company Acast. The advertisements in question are usually broadcast through Swedish podcasts on all platforms where they can be listened to.

In addition, the agreement allows members to listen to Acast podcasts through the Amazon Music app and on all types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PC/Mac, Fire TV and Alexa-enabled devices. like Amazon Echo.

Finally, listening to podcasts will generate revenue “to the network of creators“, details Acast in a press release. By buying the advertising space from the host, Amazon undertakes to remunerate the share that Acast should have garnered through advertising. For its part, the Swedish company will donate a part to the creators of the podcasts.

Through this agreement, the e-commerce giant Amazon is beefing up its listening experience and continuing to expand its catalog. Already on November 1, 100 million musical titles had been made available to subscribers of the music streaming service, compared to 2 million previously.


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