A YouTuber sends his Christmas tree up on top of a rocket (video)

To celebrate Christmas, some decorate their tree in their living room, while others make it take off. Anyway, this is what youtuber Xyla Foxlin did on video. She first decorated her tree before sending it to the top of a rocket.

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree rise and (almost) go into space? Probably not, which is why this video quickly went viral. YouTuber Xyla Foxlin, who is an engineer, had the absolutely crazy idea of take down your Christmas tree. She shared her entire project on video, from decorating the tree to takeoff and designing the rocket.

The Fearless Christmas Tree © Xyla Foxlin / YouTube

Xyla Foxlin made this project in collaboration with Joe Barnard, a DIY rocket enthusiast. The tree that measures 2.4 meters high flew in from the California desert, but the flight didn’t go quite as planned. A few seconds after takeoff, the tree fell back to Earth. It is equipped with a parachute to absorb the impactbut it was certainly not a landing worthy of a SpaceX booster that recently served to supply the ISS with ice cream, candy and pies.

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The Christmas tree took off on top of the rocket before opening its parachute for landing

In her video, which you can find below, Xyla Foxlin explains that “ the wood was placed carefully in the booster in the hope that the engine would put it into the air “. As she hoped, the tree weighing 18 kg actually flew on top of the rocket, although it didn’t stay in the air for long.

It’s a Christmas tree, so it’s obviously decorated with lots of decorations and string lights. The YouTuber specifically said that 300 ornaments were attached to the tree with zipper. The festive decorations thus withstood the shock of the landing. The tree always had its bright garlands in perfect condition when it stood on the ground.

This start was particularly impressive to watch. The cameras hanging on the tree made it possible to follow his accident as closely as possible. Xyla Foxlin is also a regular for slightly delirious projects. For example, she has already created a bulletproof ball gown or even burning greeting cardquite practical for the holiday season.

Source: Space.com

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