a radically different new console teased by Microsoft?

As usual, Xbox boss Phil Spencer likes to teaser future announcements in a more or less discreet way. An image published by him would reveal a new console as opposed to the Series X|S.

In its video game strategy, Microsoft strongly believes in cloud gaming technology. The Redmond firm has even opened a specialized division to structure all this and attract talent from the industry who wish to experiment in this area where there is still everything to do. Eventually, there should be an xCloud console and here’s what it might look like.

The first image of an Xbox console dedicated to cloud gaming?

Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox branch, has taken to filming himself with a shelf in the background. A display where he exposes objects very often related to upcoming announcements. For example, Kojima Productions’ Ludens statue was obviously put there at the time to tease Hideo Kojima’s xCloud game.

Rebelote today with an image posted on Twitter where we see at the top a mysterious white shape, dressed in an Xbox logo, which looks like a console. It would be the machine only thought for Xbox cloud gaming. A console that would rely on the player’s internet connection and the hardware he connects to at the end of the day. And since there’s no need for powerful physical components inside, it looks very compact. Especially compared to the Xbox Series X|S.

This console would be codenamed Keystone. It would be sold at a price of $99 with a controller according to rumors. It could run games up to 4K HDR. Note that this would induce an optimization of xCloud servers since the resolution is currently only 1080p.

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