a Microsoft employee accidentally announces a new feature

File Explorer tabs have been one of the most anticipated features users have been waiting for on Microsoft’s operating system, and it looks like it’s coming to another app soon.

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Earlier this year, Microsoft finally added tabs to Windows 11’s File Explorer after receiving feedback from Insiders who had been asking for it for years. This feature allows users to open multiple folders and folders in a single windowjust like a web browser allows users to open multiple web pages in a single window.

However, File Explorer won’t be the only Windows 11 app to get these new tabs. Take effect, Microsoft is now planning to integrate tabs into the Notepad application.

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Notepad will soon be eligible for tabs on Windows 11

On Twitter, a Microsoft employee posted a screenshot of a confidential version of the Notepad application, which is not yet publicly available. On this we can see a new interface with tabs.

The screenshot even comes with a note ” confidential, do not discuss features or take screenshots “. This warning clearly did not do its joband the screenshot therefore indicates that the tabs are in testing and may arrive to Windows Insiders within a few days.

Like the File Explorer tabs, the tabs themselves appear at the top of the app and allow the user to open multiple .txt files in the same window. The addition of tabs in the notepad is therefore excellent news for users who needed it and who until now had to open the application several times to take different notes at the same time.

Since we all depend on tabs in web browsers, it’s hard to believe they aren’t more ubiquitous in other apps. In any case, Microsoft has been working for years, as the company had previously already tested this feature on all its Windows 10 applications under the name “set”. However, this had since been cancelled.

Windows 11 notepad tabs

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