A marketplace dedicated to NFTs spotted at Microsoft | Xbox One

Many tech industry figures have reacted to NFTs over the past few months, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates has never hid his skepticism about NFTs and the metaverse. This does not mean that the Redmond firm would be totally reluctant to a possible rapprochement with this sector, as this latest discovery shows.

A marketplace project dedicated to NFTs at Microsoft?

This is indeed what several Internet users have discovered, having shared this discovery on Twitter. Indeed, Microsoft would develop an NFT marketplace and position itself seriously in this still controversial sector. A Microsoft NFT page along with several other pages detailing the project have been discovered and it all looks official. The project would be called Microsoft Internal NFT and here is the description of the latter:

“Microsoft’s internal site for collectible cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Discover and collect exclusive digital items. »

To date, all domain names have been blocked and the web pages in question are no longer accessible, which only reinforces the potential existence of the Microsoft Internal NFT project. Another interesting discovery was also made on the side of Microsoft employees. A certain Ray Zhou, a member of the group for 17 years, is now the Partner Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft. Here is what we can read in the title of his current position among others:

>> Our team is also incubating new technologies and products, such as privacy-preserving ML and cryptocurrency wallet.

>> Work on Microsoft crypto wallet and other web3 projects.

New information that points in the same direction as the discovery of this NFT platform which could be launched soon by the Redmond firm. Despite the negative opinion of Bill Gates and the reluctance of the public towards NFTs, it seems that the giants of the industry are not done with these famous non-fungible tokens. To see if Microsoft will officially announce the launch of this platform or not.

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