“A fan fiction”, The best Amazon series of 2022 is not The Rings of Power

news culture “A fan fiction”, The best Amazon series of 2022 is not The Rings of Power

The 2022 calendar was particularly rich in series. This type of program has become late in the “cold” war between the big SVOD players such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and finally Prime Video. This year, Amazon made an impact by releasing its adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. Still, The Rings of Power isn’t the platform’s best series in 2022.


  • Rings of discord
  • The era of superheroes

Rings of discord

It was the audiovisual event of the month of September and even of the year 2022 for some fans eagerly awaiting the new adaptation of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s works. Season 1 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power landed on Prime Video on September 1st and ends six weeks later… on October 14th. The least we can say is that this adaptation of the second age of Middle-earth has caused a lot of ink to flow and shared the various fan communities.

Between the liberties taken with the source material and the lack of epic ambition (according to some), this first volley of episodes did not convince an audience that had yet won over the cause of the Elves and/or Sauron. However, critics hailed the first season with a glowing 85% on RottenTomatoes, which didn’t stop it from snagging the title of Best Series of 2022 on Amazon.

The era of superheroes

We find another adaptation in first place of the best series that aired on Amazon Prime in 2022, and even its spin-off in second place. That season 3 of The Boys was praised by fans and critics alike and received a whopping 98% on RottenTomatoes. The animated UFO The boys present: Diabolical was crowned with a 97%. William J. “Billy” Butcher aka Monsieur Charcutier and Vought Industries still have big surprises in store for Prime Video subscribers in the coming years. A spin-off titled Gen V is currently in development and will be released on the American SVOD service in the year 2023. Of course, season 4 of the main series starring Karl Urban (Dredd, The Lord of the Rings) and Antony Starr is already in the pipeline.

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