4 products you shouldn’t buy this Christmas on Amazon

Good deal 4 products you shouldn’t buy this Christmas on Amazon

You are thinking a lot about going through Amazon to do your Christmas shopping. It must be said whether you are a Prime member or not, the promised delivery is super fast and reliable. We can therefore quickly be tempted to make a few purchases at once, but which we later regret… Here are 4 things you should avoid buying for Christmas.

With Christmas promotions pouring in from all directions, it’s sometimes hard not to give in to temptation. Especially since, with the promise of delivery within 24 hours in most cases, we’re already planning on this new, highly sought-after piece of tech.

However, in the middle of Christmas, we still prefer to advise you to wait a bit to buy certain items to save money. Here are some examples.

A new 4K OLED or QLED TV

If you want to change your TV at the end of the year to offer you the latest generation of TV, don’t give in to the temptation! At least wait until Christmas is over before you make your purchase.

On the one hand, it gives you time to think about it: do you really need it? If so, note that after the holiday season, retailers will try to destock to make room for new models for the coming year. This will then be an opportunity to save a lot of money.

If you have a PS5 or an Xbox Series at home, we advise you to take a look

as well as this
Samsung Neo QLED TV

if you want to upgrade to 8K.

Gift card

By offering a gift card to someone close to you, you will agree that it shows a cruel lack of originality. There isn’t that little personal touch that brings joy when you receive a gift.

So yes, of course, we can understand that you got into an emergency situation with having to make presents at the last minute and that you didn’t want to come empty-handed to the Christmas dinner with your family.

Afterwards, you can be sure that there is gift cards for games which are more easily available than a gift card from a major retailer. We especially think of the map
Playstation Store

Game Pass

or even at
Nintendo Switch Online

it will make any gamer jump for joy.

PC gaming accessories

Maybe you’ve got some cash for Christmas, or you’re just eager to upgrade with a new backlit mechanical keyboard. Same as before, prices generally drop after Christmas or during January.

We know these accessories are in high demand during the holiday season, which is why prices are currently at their highest in this category. So unless you were able to take advantage of the last Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, frankly, you should wait.

Look on the bright side: it gives you a little more time to make your choice. Also, don’t hesitate to use this time well by consulting
our shopping guides
online at JVTech. Maybe you’ll finally find that rare gem, just wait for the best promotion to come along. In order not to miss anything, you can consult the section
from JVTech.

The latest fashionable new smartphone: iPhone 14, Galaxy S22, Google Pixel 7…

The latest generation of smartphones will remain relatively high at the end of the year, knowing that their price will collapse as soon as the next generation is released in a few months.

The best advice we can give you to avoid overpaying for the latest smartphone that will already be outdated in a few months is to turn to refurbished ones. Refurbished simply means a device that has been refurbished by a professional to give it a new lease of life and above all to reduce our carbon footprint by producing less.

Also, be aware that a refurbished product may simply be a device that has a small scratch or has been returned to the store by a customer who has just opened the packaging. Unlike a used product purchased on Vinted or Le Bon Coin, you benefit from a 6-month legal guarantee of conformity on used or refurbished products sold by a professional such as Amazon.

If you really want to bet on something new, wait until next spring or at least the next winter sale which starts on January 11, 2023! The prices should then drop significantly, and perhaps we really have more interesting offers to suggest to you.

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