4 films and series to see on Amazon to scare yourself on Halloween

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Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the world and sends us back every year to the scared child that we all once were. Originally from the United States, the party gradually became part of French traditions, with the famous “trick or treat” becoming “a candy or a spell”. As All Saints’ Day approaches, it’s the only holiday of the year when we finally allow ourselves to feel this feeling that we usually flee: fear. With family, friends, or even alone for the bravest, we have selected the most terrifying horror films and series for you to scare yourself on Halloween and have fun in this climate of anxiety and terror. Don’t wait any longer, come and dive into the heart of dread, and try to survive until the next morning…


  • The Terror, diving into the hell of the ice
  • Preacher, a wacky series with great thrills
  • Us, the anguish of the other me
  • Conjuring, the flagship film to conclude in style

Shiver until the end of the night thanks to these four films and series for Halloween

The Terror, diving into the hell of the ice

Embark straight into horror by watching the series The Terror. In search of the Northern Passage, an expedition of the British Royal Navy goes to the heart of the glaciers to open a new commercial and military passage. The conditions were harsh, the men complained and suffered from the cold… It was then that the worst happened: the boat was trapped in the ice! Alone and stranded on the other side of the world, the crew members suddenly find themselves plunged into horror. Their comrades disappear one after another, attacked by “something” – a creature or a traitor? What is really lurking around the boat trapped in the ice? Will they make it out alive? This two-season series will accompany you throughout the Halloween night and will give you cold sweats… Even freezing!

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Preacher, a wacky series with great thrills


For the whole family, provided you are hooked, this horror series will satisfy the biggest Halloween fans by linking terrible fear and caustic humor. We follow the daily life of the Reverend Jesse Custer, an American clergyman whom nothing distinguishes a priori. A cleric could not be more banal… except that he is possessed by Genesis, a divine entity which allows him to use his voice to influence the will of people. Four promising seasons ensure you have an unforgettable Halloween weekend. Highly acclaimed by critics, the horror series Preacher handles gore to perfection while making us want to follow the scenario that leads straight to the divine. The Preacher series is adapted from the comic of the same name, so there is a lot of influence from the comics, which will satisfy the biggest fans of this genre. The series is only available in France on Prime Video. Go for it to feel fear growing inside you, the real one.

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Us, the anguish of the other me


The trailer alone will give you chills. What’s a worse enemy than yourself? The Wilsons are an ordinary family, except that the mother of the two children was traumatized, younger, in a funfair in Santa Cruz: after entering the hall of mirrors which promised her that she would be at the interior, “find yourself here”, she emerged mute, and only regained the ability to speak years later. Later, accompanied by her husband and two young children, she returns to Santa Cruz for the holidays. Obviously worried on the way there, her worst fears are confirmed one evening when she looks out the window and finds herself confronted with a scene straight out of a nightmare: her own family is watching her from outside. , threatening. And has no intention of letting them walk away alive. Faced with these terrifying lookalikes, Us has all the main qualities of a good Halloween horror film with the added bonus of an incredible script. You won’t look at your family the same way after watching…

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Conjuring, the flagship film to conclude in style


Do we just need to show it again? By dint of hearing about it perhaps you thought that Conjuring was now an over-seen and reviewed horror film, good for distracting a few frightened families for an evening. It is not so. Excellent horror film still today with its unbearable atmosphere and its brilliant ideas, you will find in Conjuring enough to make you sleepless for weeks to come. The series includes three Conjuring feature films to date and the last one was released in 2021. Enough to worry you for an entire evening on the trail of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, confronted with ever more appalling demons. If you haven’t already seen it, Conjuring is the perfect Halloween movie, and you’ll finally understand the context of the cult exorcism scene!

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What are the Prime Video benefits?

If owning Prime Video does not change the feeling of terror you will feel when watching these films and series, you do however gain the possibility of viewing a lot of content available only on the platform. Prime Video has established itself as a key player, particularly in terms of the amount of content, both old and new. With Prime Video, you can download films and series to view them offline on your mobile devices. In addition, the catalog is constantly reinventing itself to offer you the best possible browsing experience and allow you to develop an extraordinary cinematographic culture. The Prime Video subscription can be taken together with the Amazon Prime subscription but also independently.

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Films to be scared at the cinema in 2023

No need to wait for Halloween to be scared, several horror films will be released on the big screen in 2023 throughout the year. The first will be released in February, Knock at The Cabin, and tells the story of a family taken hostage by four armed individuals, who asks them to make an impossible choice to try to avoid the apocalypse. We are also impatiently awaiting the 6th opus of Scream which will be released on March 29, 2023 or the Renfield film about a servant of Dracula, to be released on April 12, 2023. There are still the zombies of Evil Dead Rise, the religious drama from The Pope’s Exorcist. and the evil forces of the astral dimension of Insidious 5 in July 2023. Until then, we hope that our selection will satisfy your impatience.

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